202330 on Dark Compass podcast #339

Dark Compass released last week’s podcast…which included a story about the German automotive scofflaw who uses an Animal puppet to hide his identity. It was a weird moment of serendipity since we were in the middle of recording a song about it. A task we had agreed to work on and complete as quickly as possible.

As soon as I heard Rowley talk about the news item, I contacted him and told him about the song. He told me to go ahead and send it once completed for consideration in the next show. So as soon as Chopper got the file into my email…it was off to Rowley.

Listening to this week’s podcast, it’s in there and sounds great. Rowley got the Lizards From Afar story a little mixed up. In the message I sent him I had mentioned that 202330 was probably the fastest recording we had done since we recorded our first album 17 years ago…when we did 14 songs in one day. Rowley thought 202330 was 1 of 14 we recorded last week. I WISH!

So hop on over and listen to the latest Dark Compass #339-Bullet Proof Awards Slow Week:


Thanks again Rowley.

Sir Pent


13 Responses to “202330 on Dark Compass podcast #339”

  1. To go along with this post I updated the Band Resume page.
    We’ve been on a couple of podcasts…

  2. This confusion is probably because you just can’t explain anything clearly.

    The Band Resume looks pretty impressive, though.

    Now we need to see if we can get on some internet radio stations….

  3. Eat My Dick.
    (Was that clear enough?)

  4. Boy, you are about to lose your administrator privileges. And that last comment is an imperative not an explanation. Maybe that’s why you are so unclear: no command over the language.


  5. choppernewt Says:

    This is why I can’t get any work done. I turn my back for five minutes ane we dissolve into a preschool.

    No one is eating anyone’s dick. Now get back in your seats and be quiet, or we’re not going to Chuck E. Cheese’s.

  6. You also eat as well, too Chopper.

  7. Well I get mixed up sometimes, Jager and Creme De Menthe mainly.

  8. Jager? You must be a BAAAAD man!
    I gave up Jager many years ago.

  9. That’s just because you are a baby.

  10. choppernewt Says:

    A disturbingly hairy, ambulatory baby. Like an Ewok.

  11. A baby ewok.

  12. That was my nickname for my cawk.

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