More on Block Party / 202330

I have to say that this is one of the first times I’ve gone to sleep with our music in my head and woken up the same way. I can’t get the melody out of my head, and the amount of work and devotion going into this one on all our parts just amazes me.

I’m normally content to sit back and let the band do its work, but this song is turning into a real moment of pride. As such I’m trying to give a bit more commentary where it feels appropriate, even if it means more work for the group.

With 202330 I really wanted to challenge ourselves to turn something around super quick, to run a sprint. Block Party already feels like a marathon session to me, but I’m not tired of running yet.


6 Responses to “More on Block Party / 202330”

  1. choppernewt Says:

    Agreed, it is a good feeling to dive deep into a project after the quick-and-dirty turnaround for the last song. Also, it’s such a different animal than that song, and from the two pop songs we did before that.

    I’ve worked on the song twice on weeknights this week. That’s freaking unprecedented.

    I’m also really relishing the role of producer this time – even the instrumental additions I’m working on right now don’t feel like I’m “playing”, just orchestrating. My guitar work is not melodic at all, it is a matter of providing a certain texture to the song, and the bass I’ve finished is really rudimentary, just to ground the proceedings, nothing fancy. But I like this kind of detail work.

    I’ma go, I’m snitting neft to Borpo.

  2. Sorry the role of producer on those “pop songs” was so tedious and unpleasant.

  3. Sheesh, Pent-boy! Do you have to act like a baby ALL the time?

    And that’s not even what he wrote above!

  4. I read between the lines.

  5. I prefer ’emotionally immature’.

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