Giant Robot on Tokyo Calling podcast #124

The “Scott is stoked!” episode…or that’s what I am going to call it.

Just two days later, Scott gave the Lizards From Afar another spin on his Tokyo Calling podcast. Again we find Scott walking the streets of Tokyo, Japan. This time he plays Giant Robot.

He starts the show with a description of his new computer and then goes into an apology for not introducing Way Back (Mr. Peabody) when he spun it on the last episode. He says some nice things about we Lizard folk and about how he has received different positive feedback from his listeners about us. Then bammo…Giant Robot.

Scott finishes up the show at the recording studio/classroom where he discusses his busy day and all his many teaching responsibilities. He gives us another shout at the end and how we have been the impetus for him changing his show and involving interviews, bands and music. Glad we could be involved and help out with the show.

To hear episode #124 go to and click the little podcast icon right above the story:

Thanks Scott.

Sir Pent


3 Responses to “Giant Robot on Tokyo Calling podcast #124”

  1. I really like the “recorded on the street” style of the last couple. It gives this particular podcast a unique identity.

  2. The only thing I mean to mention but forgot to was that the Lizards From Afar played in a number of Concerts on the Quad back in the 90’s.

    Guess, I’ll have to another episode soon. 🙂

    I told one of my students about what you guys are up to and he’s intrigued. He might hit one of your lesser reptilian members up for permission to play a track and talk about your project for his final “radio” assignment.

  3. That sounds like fun. Let him know that we’d love to do it.

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