Batphone on True Independent Music Show #25

I received an email over on the LFA myspace page today letting me know that they had spun Batphone on their Halloween episode a few weeks ago. (One of our most popular weeks in podcasting!) Harry and Sage are celebrating their 2nd anniversary podcast and 25th episode. So it’s an honor to be included on such a momentous occasion.

Give a listen to the heartfelt monologue from Sage. It comes right before our song and gives her thoughts on 2 years of podcasting. I think they are doing a great job and a good thing over there.

Check it out at:

Your buddy,

Sir Pent


5 Responses to “Batphone on True Independent Music Show #25”

  1. Sad we missed the chance to promote this on Halloween.

  2. I also updated the band resume page with the new casts.

  3. Cool. I’ve been thinking Batphone was an overlooked gem that needed some air time.

  4. Yeah…that’s two now. The cool part about the 2 bat-spins is that they were both chosen by the podcasts. I did not contact either and say “Would you play Batphone?”

  5. Pent, that’s awesome … always nice to be picked up independently!

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