LFA Graffiti in New York City Neighborhood!

This just in:

Anarchist Insurgent Lizards From Afar Fans have succeeded in spray painting giant Lizards From Afar logos in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn (for non-New Yorkers, Dumbo is so named because the once industrial slum, now artistic haven of Brooklyn is Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). Here the logo is seen over the Damascus Bakery, and again over a Jay Street apartment building. No one knows how the anarchist vandals managed to reach these high walls. One theory is that they suspended from harnesses attached to the roofs.


An anonymous statement presumably from the LFA Fans warns residents to watch out for further daring anarchist escapades in New York.


9 Responses to “LFA Graffiti in New York City Neighborhood!”

  1. It seems unlikely…and yet here we have photographic proof.

  2. It’s incontrovertible.

  3. choppernewt Says:

    Seeing is believing. Clearly we have spawned an underground movement in New York City, perhaps amoung disaffected youth. Disinfected.


  4. This fails to address a more pressing question, to wit: How do I change my avatar?

  5. Log-in
    My Account (upper left hand corner in the WP toolbar)
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    Do you intend to upload a pic of someone choking on something?

  6. Not bloody likely.

  7. Best to keep those pics private.

  8. Nice photoshop work boys…

  9. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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