Way Back (Mr. Peabody) on Audio Gumshoe podcast #100

I just found a new friend on myspace a few minutes ago. It’s a podcast from Dr. Gecko’s home state of Ohio called Audio Gumshoe hosted by Rich Palmer. Upon clicking the link I was lucky enough to find out that we are on today’s podcast.

This is episode #100 of the Audio Gumshoe show. So we are continuing to be part of some landmark episodes of these podcasts. I think that’s a real honor. This particular episode is dedicated to bands that have submitted their music to Audio Gumshoe…which I did. Listening to the show really illustrates what Rich refers to as a “diverse” mix of music. It’s a cool mix and we are in good company.

So go ahead and give it a listen over at:


Thanks for the opportunity Rich!

Your amigo,

Sir Pent


9 Responses to “Way Back (Mr. Peabody) on Audio Gumshoe podcast #100”

  1. Some really good tunes on this one guys.
    (& I added to the list.)

  2. We’ve now been on 23 different podcasts (some multiple times), by my count. That’s a mystical number. Ask Gator.

  3. I listened to this podcast while finishing up some work. These are good tunes!

  4. Yeah. I get a little nervous when they say “diverse” or “eclectic” thinking we might be sandwiched between some crappiness…increasing the chances of people skipping over songs/podcasts.
    We’ve been pretty lucky.
    Plus, it makes you feel good to be included in good company.

  5. choppernewt Says:

    Yeah, I hate “diverse” stuff too. It’s crappy. And don’t get me started on “eclectic”.

  6. Yeah, because after all we’re totally non-diverse and conformist. We like it that way, and we’re intolerant of anything or anyone different. Oy.

  7. If you guys aren’t going to take these conversations seriously, I’m taking my little red wagon and going home.

  8. Pent,


  9. Yeah…but my promises really aren’t worth the toilet paper they’re wiped on.

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