MSPaint Adventures

As long as Chopper’s posting Web-timewasters, MSPaint Adventures is hit or miss. By which I mean I didn’t care for the other two, but Bard’s Quest was … well, it had me laughing hard enough to bring my boss over and ask what the hell was going on. After which he joined me on my epic quest.

Of course, I can’t play it without thinking that it was written by Sir Pent.


7 Responses to “MSPaint Adventures”

  1. Speaking of Reverbnation…has anyone else noted that we are the 250th ranked band? Out of thousands?
    How is that possible?

  2. Because we totally rock, Mister Pent. We totally rock.

  3. choppernewt Says:

    I had kind of chalked it up to maybe not the strongest competition? Also, as Matt says, we rock.

  4. I guess I was unawares of our rocknaucity.

    Also…I think many bands on there are fake. For example, Pink Floyd (listed as being headquartered out of Arizona) is listed as less popular than we.

    That would make me sad if it were true.

  5. You forgot “totally.” Man.

    Especially 202330, which is near to taking the place of Giant Robot as the most fun LFA song ever, in my book.

  6. Speaking of podcasts…I have almost talked Darryl from Unsigned Underground podcast to give us a spin. He normally will only spin a band that has a CD available and a press kit, but I wore him down with combination of persistence and flattery. His show is pretty cool and he really reviews the content of the music.
    He is concerned about quality, so I gave him the link to the hires files, but we only have 4 up there.
    So I guess what I am saying is that Chopper needs to render out hi-res of all the songs and get them up there.

  7. Totally.

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