The Bloomington Democracy Song Order

We need a new post here, and I’m here to provide it.

Of course the concept of an “album” is, as we’ve discussed, increasingly obsolete, and so is song order when listeners can organize the songs however they want on their digital devices. Nevertheless, an “album” as an organizing notion for popular music still retains some power: maybe I’m old fasioned, but I like to listen to my albums from beginning to end, and I never change the song order.

So, the songs on BD will be (I think), in no particular order:

Block Party
Four H and Fourteen
Giant Robot
Kung Fu Lover
Poster Child
Powder Keg
Stay With Me
Way Back

Eleven songs, all pretty good. How should we establish their order?


42 Responses to “The Bloomington Democracy Song Order”

  1. I am leaving this solely in the boxing ring between the Gecko and Chopper Newt.
    My only 2 cents is that I agree with ending the “album” with Block Party.

  2. I’m really up in the air, too. I agree with the BP ending. But what is the beginning? Clipboard? Giant Robot? Four H and Fourteen?

    Now that I think about it, I think number one could be FH&F or GR. They come on strong, you know.

  3. I think GR for the opening…but I didn’t want to be presumptuous about using one of my songs to open the album.
    Plus I like the way Way Back flows into 4H…and I don’t want Way Back as the opener.

  4. I think we really need Herne’s point of view on this.

  5. That sounds good to me. GR has a great raw sound, plus it’s catchy. 1 – Giant Robot. 2 – ?

    I might add, I just came up with some great country music to your Horse lyric. If I have time, I’ll record it tonight. I’ma gettin’ gol’darned innarested in an al-ternative LFA country group.

  6. Giant Robot
    Poster Child
    Way Back (Mr. Peabody)
    4H and Fourteen
    Powder Keg
    Stay With Me
    Kung Fu Lover
    Block Party

  7. Goddamn, I forgot “Just A Girl.” Do we really have 12 songs? 11 new and 1 remake?

    Giant Robot
    Poster Child
    Way Back
    Just A Girl
    Stay With Me
    Powder Keg
    Kung Fu
    Block Party

  8. That’s a decent listing there.
    What does Chooper think?

    Or more importantly, what does Herne think?

    Giant Robot
    Poster Child
    Way Back (Mr. Peabody)
    4H and Fourteen
    Kung Fu Lover
    Stay With Me
    Powder Keg
    Just A Girl
    Block Party

    (I kinda like JAG before BP…the thematic implication of it is pretty cool.)

  9. OK. This order seems fine to me.

  10. choppernewt Says:

    Works for me.

  11. That was pretty darn easy.
    I think we should wait to see what Herne says, obviously…

    Also…I would still like to re-record the drums for KFL if Matty would be willing to reupload his flacs so that I can do it right this time.

  12. Yeah, I can do that. But in the meantime, you guys haven’t done Poster Child yet! Not to mention the final BP mix.

  13. I’ll do PC first…don’t worry.

  14. I was going to say something witty, but…

    Start with a kick-ass bang!

    Clipboard should be somewhere in the middle cuz I like it best.

    Keep a nice mix of hard and slow… (they like it hard and slow).

    I would have to go listen to them all again.

  15. Why do I not have this “Poster Child”?!

  16. Having reviewed said line-up, I must concur with its goodness.

    I’m liking “Just a Girl” again and again.

  17. Poster Child is a fairly new composition…only the Gecko has recorded his part. Chopper Newt and I have not recorded our part as of yet.
    Block Party is nearly complete and waiting for a mix down from Chopper Newt.

    Just A Girl IS brilliantly written.

  18. Yeah, I’m so far ahead of everybody else, one would think I really like composing songs….

    Speaking of, a demo of our very first country song is in everyone’s inboxes: Horse You Rode In On. It’s country, but it rocks, pardner.

  19. I’ll throw it on the ipod before I head out to work this morning.

  20. choppernewt Says:

    Downloaded, will listen today.

  21. The Komodo Dragon is on Facebook…
    I just sent him a friend request and forwarded said request to Chopper and Gator. (You know…the cool Lizards that socially network.)

  22. I dislike social networking.

  23. It dislikes you equally.

  24. choppernewt Says:

    “I dislike social networking” is word-for-word my myspace quote. Wow, we’re like twins.

  25. It dislikes you even more equally.

  26. Yeah, of course I recalled that quotation from your myspace page and thought it clever enough to repeat in this context.

    Since I ain’t workin’ today I made a single lame effort to sing the new country song, but was repulsed by the result, so you’ll have to figure out how to sing that song on your own, Chops–if you’re going to sing it at some point. I can’t really carry a tune, and even when I do by accident it still sounds damned crappy. Maybe Elwyn will sing it. He’s already got a country-star name, after all. Except for his last name, which is too Germanic–he needs a good redneck Anglo last name. My country stage name will be Bret. Bret Atkins, I’ll say. No relation to Chet.

    Maybe I can try to “engineer” the country song, too. That would save Newt some time and give me some practice. Chops, if you can do a vocal at some point and add a guitar–there’s a nice spot after the first chorus I left open for your country bendies, but I hogged the other solo spots–I’ll try my hand at mixing the whole mess together. Elwyn can give me a drum track whenever he gets around to it, too. I threw in my country drum loops because I’d never had an opportunity to use them before.

    I’ll upload some flacs at some point–probably not before next week, though.

  27. FYI-
    The Drive For 5-Teen Thousand is a success.
    The myspace page has received 15,000 views.

  28. There’s some interest in Bulgaria for playing our music.

    That would be a dream come true for me, because my running gag when people ask me how we’re doing, I say “We’re huge in Bulgaria.”
    What if that actually came true?

  29. I see a hit in Greece, but nothing in Bulgaria.

  30. He found us via myspace…so it wouldn’t show up here as a hit.

    Well, I said “some interest”. I’ve been chastised in the past for prematurely announcing things, so I tried to word it differently. Point being, he hasn’t played us yet but said he is going to.
    Now, having said that…I was too excited about potentially being played in Bulgaria because it’s my ‘Go To’ joke. “They love us in Bulgaria.”

    I’ll keep ya posted on the if and when.


  31. My “go to” joke was that we are huge in Inner Mongolia. It’s great to get a fan in Bulgaria, but I don’t expect people there to lack internet technology, for some reason.

    I have a great coat made in Bulgaria.

    Damn, I hate thanksgiving. I think I’ve gained 5 pounds in two days just eating. And don’t forget the drinking. Lots of drinking. Going to have to run back and forth across the Brooklyn Bridge all day long for a week now….

  32. I’m not much of an eater, so no huge poundage put on.
    Have been surprisingly busy with shopping, getting out all the xmas decos and setting up my super-snazzy iPhone.

  33. We ignore xmas as much as possible. No decorations at all. Bah humbug.

  34. I don’t do Xmas either.

    But I do do after Xmas sales.

  35. I’m hoping to buy my new drumset as an after-Xmas special…to see if I can save some cash.

  36. Saving cash is a good present.

  37. Speaking of recording…did Matthew ever give the specs for Poster Child?

  38. the info is in your inbox.

    Speaking of music, I encountered my first big check in the modifying of my telecaster. The neck fits the body just great, but my old tuning pegs don’t fit the new neck. So now I’m bidding on new tuning pegs. I can see that building a guitar isn’t going to be financially a great way to get a new guitar. Better to buy the whole thing at once.

  39. Maybe Herne will buy you one for Xmas?

  40. Don’t pick on Herne. He’s our only hitherto regular blog visitor.

    But, anyway, I won some tuning pegs from the same ebay store I got the neck from–and at a super duper deal of only $20.

  41. That’s why I think he might buy you a guitar!
    That and I suspect he’s a little bit crazy…

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