Ace Frehley Launching New Website

Most people familiar with rock music are familiar with the name Ace Frehley. Ace was the lead guitarist for the rock band KISS during the 70s heydays and the reunion heydays. Between heydays, he had a fairly mediocre solo career, releasing 3 albums of original material, 1 live ep, a greatest hits album, a live video and a greatest “live” hits album. None of these releases set the charts on fire but did have some great songs.

The last original release from Ace was his Trouble Walkin’ album, released in October 1989. Since then there have been numerous promises of new material. A new album was invariably “going to be released next year”. It never happened. It’s been nearly 20 years now, topping even Axl Rose’s long gestating Chinese Democracy.

Also like Rose, 2008 has been an active year for Ace. Ace went on his first solo tour since before the KISS reunion. He had sold out shows around the country. There were also many interviews conducted, with Ace stating that the album was almost done and that he would be selling it via his own website.

Well, check this out. As a lark last night I typed in his URL and it worked:

So this is a countdown clock. Those REALLY familiar with Ace know he did this several years ago and then the site never happened. However, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that this is finally the real deal. What about you?

“You got a backstage pass and a nice little ass”
– We Got Your Rock (Frehley’s Comet)

Sir Pent


29 Responses to “Ace Frehley Launching New Website”

  1. The song quote was put there specifically for Chopper Newt. It’s his favorite Ace Frehley song.

  2. Mention of Ace Frehley makes me think of that Weezer song Garage: “I’ve got posters on the wall / my favorite rock group, Kiss / I’ve got Ave Frehley, I’ve got Peter Criss …

    That’s about as much as I’ve thought of him since 1980.

    It’s getting pretty pathetic around here. On account of Newtski’s laziness we’ve got nothing better to talk about than the minutia of Kiss.

  3. There is nothing minute about KISS…
    And I love that Weezer song. Heck, I love Weezer…minus the Pinkerton album, which hardcore Weezer fans would probably chastise me for.

  4. choppernewt Says:

    I DO love that Frehley’s Comet song. And by “love” it, I mean “know of” it.

  5. Forget Kiss, go buy Consolers of the Lonely right now. I listened to the whole thing on the commute this morn, and I’ve decided it’s the best rock album since… godz know when! Since Physical Graffiti, probably.

    And by “go buy” I mean “BT” (just kidding Jack).

  6. @ Choppernewt:
    If you only “know of” it…then why do you always bring up that lyric when I mention Ace?

    @ Matt:
    I’ll never forget KISS.

    • choppernewt Says:

      I bring it up because I know you like that KISS stuff and I want to be relatable. Also, I kind of do it in a making-fun-of way.

  7. We mock the things we love.

  8. Do we then love the things we mock?

  9. “Stop loving me!”

  10. I reject the notion that I love Sir Pent. I mildly tolerate him.

  11. Your life is so much richer now that I am back in it.

  12. OK! Ace Frehley’s website launched today!

    It’s…it’s not good…

    Apart from being nearly 3 years in the making:
    > it loads slowly
    > the design is barely above amateur
    > there is almost NO content
    >> a one paragraph intro from Ace
    >> 12 photographs
    >> 2 youtube linked videos

    Everything else is “coming soon” and one of the links goes to a blank page.

  13. Wow, that really is a crappy site. Even the background image is of bad quality.

    Maybe it’s because anything Kiss or Kiss members do must be cheesy.

  14. I think there’s a commandment written somewhere in the Kiss Bible: Thou Shalt Be Cheesy.

  15. You’ve read the KISS Bible?
    To be honest with you…I’m surprised Gene Simmons hasn’t plastered the KISS logo on a bible by now.

  16. He’s probably sued Bible publishers for copyright infringement.

  17. He has kinda morphed from the cool, creepy demon to a giant douche.

  18. Or… he morphed from an hopelessly uncool member of a kitchy band into a giant douche. Oh, wait, he was always a giant douche, too.

  19. I see that our discussion on Gene Simmons has become disingenuous.

  20. I’m used to the KISS-bashing. My wife and daughters hate them.
    But…I can’t help it, I’ve been a KISS fan since 1978. Even when they do embarrassing stuff.

    Anyways, Japan has a new “KISS Pachinko machine”
    Of course, I wrote a post:

    (And that Ace Frehley site is worse than Gene’s, Peter’s or Paul’s! And that says alot!)

  21. It really DOES get hard to be a fan when they put out crappy sites like they do.
    Peter and Ace’s sites are amateur at best.
    Paul’s is a more “professional” site, but seems to have rare updates and was mostly intended to promote his solo album from a few years ago.
    Gene’s is functional, if not minimal, but is annoying with all the “ads” about himself.

  22. >It really DOES get hard to be a fan when they put out crappy sites like they do.

    And KISS condoms, KISS caskets, KISS underwear, etc and dozens of Greatest Hits albums! 😦

    Anyways, I replied to your comment on my site:

  23. I noticed the Gene and Paul made statements about the KISS Pachinko machine.

    I quoted them in this comment:

  24. Today Ace Frehley released the album title and cover art for his impending album Anomaly.

    What thinks all of you?

  25. Did you see the “commercial” for the new Ace Frehley album?

    (It looks like the chubby guy in the ad started to forget his lines. Great actor. (*。*) )

  26. I think it’s Ace trying to be funny…but it’s not really done well.

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