All Apologies

I am the weakest link.  The lack of a new LFA song is all on me and my lack of time management.

In my defense, work’s been a bear and I’m trying to marshall any remaining motivation to opening a second front in the VO war, but even so, I still should have been able to manage the remaining finishing touches to Block Party, so again, my bad.

We’ll have some more for you soon.  Thanks for the continued visits and interest.  Please feel free to berate me in the comment section.


29 Responses to “All Apologies”

  1. Chopper Newt also knocked up my sister.

  2. Chopper Newt just isn’t committed, Man. We’ll have to dock his pay.

    It’s starting to look less and less likely we’ll have an “official” release of Bloomington Democracy before Xmas, though. I’m sure the world is wailing in frustration because of that.

    You also have Poster Child to work on, Newtski. Forget about VO. Get in that studio and scream like Bon Scott.

  3. As a loyal (and possibly only) fan, I must protest this lack of new material!

    What am I paying for here?! I demand instant gratification!

  4. Herne…please don’t discount our sainted mothers in that list of fans.

  5. We have thousands of fans who just lurk here.

  6. What does Gator say? Woot! My new tuning pegs finally arrived. If all goes as planned, my guitar will be back in commission soon.

    What are the odds all will go as planned?

  7. Exploding guitar in 3… 2… 1…

  8. Naw, it all works perfectly. The only normal guitar maintenance I’m not qualified to perform is truss rod adjustment. Everything else is easy to do, just not easy to do right. I got everything up and running now, but still working on the height of the saddles. Since this new neck as a much bigger radius I’m finding I have to adjust the saddles WAY up, which I’m not sure I’m happy about.

    Not that a new neck is a miracle cure for a low-end guitar, but I can already tell a huge difference in the quality of the frets. Cool.

  9. I understood the word “frets”.

  10. I meant “has” a much bigger radius.

  11. Possibly some NEW (OLD) music coming from el Gecko any time now (i.e., tonight)–since I had to test out my guitar last eve after I put it all back together. What song? It’s a secret. It’s also a cover. Can we do a cover again?

    Not that it will make much difference because of the backlog created by the lazy Chopper….

  12. Forget it. I was sitting here before class twiddling my thumbs, so I looked up the legal issues for recording a cover song and it turns out one legally has to get permission AND pay royalties to the owner of the copyright even if one distributes the song FOR FREE. Bummer. That means we are liable for any other distributed cover songs out there that we did (such as the video of Lady Bugs’ Picnic? Etc.).

    As I said before, Copyright is For Losers.

  13. There seems to be a recurring message in your posts lately.

  14. Which message? That Chopper should get on it with those new songs, or that Copyright Is For Losers?

  15. That Chopper:
    A) is lazy
    B) should stop being lazy and finish the two remaining songs
    C) that you really only do last 1 minute

  16. I don’t mess around, man. No time to waste.

  17. @Matt I’m thinkin the only person that should be adjusting your “truss rod” is you…

  18. No, I need a professional.

  19. That’s only legal in Nevada, no?

  20. That way Herne is interpreting it appears to give it some kind of sexual connotation.

  21. No! You don’t say?

    Go check your inboxes, dudes. You have a new demo from el Gecko for “I Know A Girl,” Pent-boy’s new lyric that caught my fancy.

    Now, if only we could get Newtski working on the music….

  22. You know what I don’t like? The new admin control panel they instituted for WP blogs. Not only is it confusing it is slow. I can’t figure out what was wrong with the old “dashboard.” I worked fine.

  23. Usually I am open to updates and upgrades to stuff like that…but this one doesn’t seem to work very well. The organization is somewhat confusing.
    More confusing…there doesn’t seem to be any NEW functionality that I can find.
    Nothing worth noting, at least.

  24. I noticed on the stats that 8 December had a huge number of visits. What was that about?

    The luthier at the guitar shop thought pretty well of my set up, but was happy to charge me $35 if I left it so he could set it up again. I politely declined. I could get the action lower, but it’s a touchy feely business–especially today with the weather rainy and about 65 degrees.

    While hanging out, played a $4k tele custom from the 60s. Pale Blue. I still dig that blue.

  25. I made it snow on our blog!

  26. *cough*lame*cough*

    Too much MySpace!

  27. It snows on myspace, too?

    It’s so delightfully 1999!

  28. I just realized that the snow is collecting on the bottom of the page.

  29. Nah, that’s just dust on your monitor.

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