Block Party on Bugcast #40

Bugcast episode 40 just went up and includes that spankin’ new track the kids can’t get enough of, “Block Party”.  Check it out!


18 Responses to “Block Party on Bugcast #40”

  1. That was fast!
    (I added to the resume page.)

  2. Haven’t had time to listen. Does the DJ say anything about the song, or just spin it?

  3. OK, I did listen as far as our own song, but I’m “babysitting” so I can’t listen to the whole thing. Hey, he really complimented our song! Thanks Bugcast! Also, there is apparently some chatroom he references where people also mentioned their like of this song. Where is that?

  4. I haven’t listened to it yet, so I don’t know what you are talking about yet.

    • He’s talking about a live chat room that he borrows over from the guys at the DUMBED DOWN LIFE podcast. Any comments probably aren’t anymore. (Not that I can see anyway.)

  5. Yeah, I figured it out. At any rate, it’s good to get some positive comments.

  6. Except for the comparison to Coldplay, which made me rethink this whole Lizards From Afar thing.

  7. That’s true. Do a ballad and you get compared to Coldplay? Obviously they didn’t listen to the lyrics. Block Party is worlds away from Yellow. If we ever do a song that lacking in irony or thought, please shoot me.

  8. Based on Chopper’s cryptic email this morning…do you think he is working on Poster Child?

  9. choppernewt Says:

    I like Coldplay.

  10. He must be. I haven’t listened to very much Coldplay, but they strike me as underdeveloped rock. The music and lyrics to Yellow, which I have heard, are so boring.

  11. Dave@TheBugcast Says:

    Heh, sorry about the Coldplay reference… I think it was in reference to the musical style of that particular track, and not the mind-bendingly depressing lyrical style of Chris Martin! :o)

  12. Don’t worry about it, Dave. We relentlessly criticize each other, too (as you’ll see on this blog)! Thanks so much for playing our song–and it sounded good, too. Often podcasts compress the file making the music sound poor. Yours didn’t.

    If people would just stop listening to Coldplay and listen to us, instead….

  13. Dave,
    I mostly just criticize Matt or “unintentionally” insult the guys over at Aussie Geek Podcast.

    You’re right. The song itself sounded really great on this podcast. It kept a lot of it’s fidelity. (Am I using the correct word?)

    Sir Pent

  14. Yeah, “fidelity” is the right word. “It’s” is not. Funny how you can get the harder word correct, but the easier word wrong. Must be a short circuit in your brain.

  15. Funny how you always find the grammatical errors. Must be that you have an incredibly small penis.

  16. Must be because I earned a Ph.D. and then married a woman who also has a Ph.D.–in English. If a grammatical error creeps even into my speech, she points it out. I just keep the shit rolling downhill.

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