Clipboard on No Talk Radio #36 Podcast

Lizards From Afar have finally invaded Germany, by way of the No Talk Radio podcast. Markus is a friend on myspace and after listening to the song Clipboard, thought it would be a great fit for his show. He also asked for a show intro, which I was happy to provide for him.

The are a couple of things I took note of with this show. First was that the name is no lie, there really is no talk going on here. Second was the quality of the songs played. The production values and levels of composition are top notch. Once again, it makes me feel good to be in such great company. Thanks Markus!

Go check out No Talk Radio here:

Stay groovy,
Sir Pent


42 Responses to “Clipboard on No Talk Radio #36 Podcast”

  1. I’ve added this to the resume page too.

  2. It also marks the 25th podcast that we have been played on! (That we know of, that is.)

  3. We rock.

  4. Oh, and I got rid of the snow since it was annoying and doing weird things to my browser.

  5. Yeah, the snow got less amusing every time I saw it.

  6. Is it ironic that Sir Pent talked on No Talk Radio?

    I dig their retro flash player…

  7. Nope…it just shows that the LFA doesn’t play by the rules.

  8. Hey, we have a hit in India!

    Funny that we only have one hit in France, though. I mean, as many hits in India as in France? If we didn’t have to worry about royalties, I’d suggest we do a heavy rock version of the Zebda dance hit “Tomber la chemise” to get some French interest.

  9. I tried submitting to some French podcasts a while ago…but it was either dance or “hardcore” punk/thrash. I did submit Powder Keg to a couple of the punk ones, though.

  10. choppernewt Says:

    Does “Tomber La Chemise” mean “my shirt fell off”?

  11. Maybe we should do a rebuttal song called “My Pants Fell Off” or “Tomber La Culotte”?

  12. I guess you guys received a good education at ol’ IWU. At least your French is holding up well. Culotte are more like “breeches,” however. Pants would be “pantalon.”

    When I lived in France there was a huge hit by a band of N. African French immigrants who called themselves Zebda, which means “butter” in Arabic, I think. The French slang for Arab-African immigrants is (or was?) “Beur” which sounds a lot like “Beurre” or butter. At any rate, you might have heard their song “Tomber la chemise,” or Take off your shirt, or let fall your shirt. I always thought it would be fun to do a cover of that song, but perhaps “I let fall the pantalons,” would be a great joke!

    I think this is the video (but I can’t hear it since I have no sound on my work computer):

    First verse of TLC

    Tous les enfants de ma cité et même d’ailleurs
    Et tout ce que la colère a fait de meilleur
    Des faces de stalagmites et des jolies filles
    Des têtes d’acné, en un mot la famille
    Sont là

    Oui tous les enfants de mon quartier et même d’ailleurs
    Et tous ce que le béton a fait de meilleur
    Des qui voulaient pas payer l’entrée trente balles
    Ont envahi la scène, ont envahi la salle.

    Y a là des bandits qu’ont des têtes de cailloux
    Ceux qu’ont des sentiments autant que les voyous
    Attendent qu’on allume un méchant boucan
    Et que surgissent de la scène des volcans
    Et c’est là :

    Qu’on a tombé la chemise
    tomber la chemise ….

  13. There are 1,129,866,154 people in India.
    There are 61,875,822 people in France.

    I’m thinkin you should do a song in Hindi instead… better odds…

  14. How many people in France have MP3 players compared to people in India? I’m thinking France.

  15. I just used an online translator to convert that to English and…understanding that it will not be completely accurate…think that song makes no sense.

  16. No, it doesn’t make much sense in standard French, either. I think it’s kind of colloquial. The first verse is something like:

    All the kids of my ghetto and even elsewhere
    And all this that anger has made better
    Stalagmite faces and pretty girls
    Acned heads, in a word my family
    Are there!

  17. Have you seen the amount of cell phones in India?

    They probably have about 7 each!

  18. I haven’t been to India recently (ever), so I can’t verify the number of cell phones per capita. India always seems rather overwhelming, too crowded, and impossible to cope with–at least that’s the representation of it in films. Probably goes back to the Anabasis Alexandri of Arrian who writes that when Alexander the Great wanted to conquer India his troops mutinied, saying, “We’ve conquered the whole world for you, Alexander, but with India we draw the line!”

    Speaking of fake(ish) facts, those Steely Dan fake facts are brilliant recently.

    And speaking of the Zebda song making no sense, of course it DOES make sense: they’re talking about life in the rough Arab-immigrant neighborhoods of Paris.

  19. I know Herne is exaggerating about the 7 each…but are there a lot of cell phones in India? I’d never heard that before.

    The “fun” facts need to have just enough truth to have it be possibly true and just the right hint of the ridiculous.

    As for the Zebda song…still doesn’t make sense to me, but I’m not an Arab-immigrant in France.

  20. Well, you might have to put forth a LITTLE effort to understand it.

  21. Effort sounds a little too much like work to me…

    Speaking of Guns N Roses, Axl posted an incredibly long and barely coherent message on the GNR message board. I tried reading it, but could barely follow the rambling and do not know enough GNR lore to decipher the cryptic references. It’s really just bizarre and does nothing to help support the points he is trying to make.
    If you’re feeling up to the challenge:

  22. And in today’s ironic news, U.S. expert on kidnapping and ransom was kidnapped and is being held for ransom:

  23. #1 As Homer Simpson once wisely said, “Boring!”

    #2 That is ironic.

    I expect a blog entry like that from you regarding some obscure LFA lore. Like the time I wouldn’t play on the same stage as Chops because of contract issues over the name of the band.

  24. I think the guy is pretty obviously not living in the same reality as the rest of us.
    That makes for a good rock star, though.

  25. Maybe, but G&R are all washed up. They were long ago washed up and Axl used his capital with the recording industry to record an album that’s at least 10 years behind the times. AforD was great, but they can’t recover that no matter what they do.

  26. I’m not disagreeing.
    It’s interesting to read how much contempt he has and how much blame he places on Slash.

  27. Maybe you should do a long post about how we were all listening to a final mix of our second album and I turned to Chopper and said, “You’re not a bad guitarist for someone who doesn’t know a damn thing about music.” Whereupon he swung his guitar at me like an axe and I had to get 36 stitches where the bridge gashed my cheek.

    Then there was the long legal wrangle between Gator and you over the rights to “Bob’s Your Uncle.”

  28. According to the omnipresent Wikipedia;
    “On a numerical basis, India is the largest growth market, adding about 6 million mobile phones every month. With 256.55 million total landline and mobile phones, market penetration in the country is still low at 22.52%. India expects to reach 500 million subscribers by the end of 2010. Simultaneously, landline phone ownership is decreasing gradually and accounts for approximately 40 million connections.”

    Also apparently, “Luxembourg had the highest mobile phone penetration rate at 158 mobile subscriptions per 100 people, closely followed by Lithuania and Italy.”

    So every person in Luxembourg has 1.58 phones each? Nice!

    As well, “The U.S. currently has one of the lowest rates of mobile phone penetrations in the industrialised world at 85%.” Which is interesting.

    “The total number of mobile phone subscribers in the world was estimated at 3.3 billion by November, 2007, thus reaching an equivalent of over half the planet’s population. This figure is expected to increase to 90% by the year 2010.”

    And I still don’t own one… which proves I am not from this planet. Thank You.

  29. Damn wikipedia. Because of it my students won’t even open a book. They don’t even know what books are unless they are comic books.

    My hat is off to you, sir, for not owning a cell phone. I do have one, but I have never in my life sent a text message. And I see no reason to do so now.

    I wonder why people in Luxembourg need more than one subscription to a cell phone service? What’s the point? Is it just conspicuous consumption?

  30. I was once a cell-phone hater, but in the last year have changed my thinking. With all the functionality available within these things now:
    – phone
    – internet
    – media player (music, video)
    – calendar
    – contacts
    – texting [which I used to detract, but my wife and I use for sharing information: grocery lists, pick-up times, reminders, etc]
    – file transfer/hard drive

    I stopped looking at it as a phone and a way to enhance a busy life.

  31. You should be advertising the iPhone, dude.

    I hate my phone most of the time. And I notice that all the intensive talking (mostly to my wife) has injured my hearing in my left ear–especially trying to talk in NYC streets where it’s so damned loud I have to turn up the speaker a lot to hear.

    I once threw a phone against a wall and smashed it to bits. I once punched a phone and broke the screen. And it felt good to do it, too.

  32. Actually, my first choice was the Blackberry Storm.
    > in essence it is ALL the same functionality
    > it’s on a better network (Verizon, iPhone is AT&T)
    > it’s OS is based on Windows, which my wife uses more

    However, when it came time to buy:
    > everywhere I called said that they would not have the Storm until well into the new year
    > the service plan was more expensive than the iPhone…and infinitely more convoluted
    > most of our extended families are all on AT&T network, so free anytime calls within AT&T customers
    > we already had iPods, so we already had iTunes accounts set up with many songs purchased or converted
    > Storm is brand new and untested and relatively unknown versus iPhone which has 2 years in field…and lots of accessories and applications, etc.

    I’d say I’m more of an advocate of the PDA/Phone lifestyle than any particular brand or model.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Your argument (ie, hatred and violence) is good too.

  33. Goddamn, all this product marketing and analysis you’re doing is making me want to throw my new phone against a wall, too. Preferably a wall that you are standing in front of…. 😉

    Go check your inbox: el Gecko embarrasses himself yet again with vocal demos. The Poster Child one isn’t complete: I only did the first two verses it was so bad. 104 degrees is complete–and not too bad, really!

  34. I own an iPod. I own a camera. Why do I need them in a phone?

    What’s so important that I need to receive email when I’m out wandering around the town?

    I can see the functionality of maps, but a little bit of pre-planning will get you places and most of the bus shelters have maps.

    The cheapest plan I found was $50 to purchase the phone and then “pay as you go” starting at $15. The only problem is that they “expire” the $15 worth of minutes after 45 days, so how is that “pay as you go?” If I’m not using it, then I’m not “going” so I shouldn’t be “paying.” So what you’re selling me is a $120/yr contract, and not a “pay as I go” service.

    Also many Canadian providers have a “system access fee” which basically means they can ream you for $7 a month because you’re using their infrastructure. Isn’t that why you’re paying a contract fee though?

    Finally, who would I call?

  35. My computer crashed today so I am glad that I have the iPhone to fall back on.

  36. Got my computer back up and running. Had to run disk repair about 5 times.

  37. Good thing you backed up all that prOn.

  38. No need to back up prOn, as it is ubiquitous anyway.

    What the hell was wrong with the computer? Disk fragmented? I’m starting to worry about that as these wav files take up HUGE amounts of space. I already removed all the old ones to an external hard drive, but I imagine my primary hard drive needs defragmenting.

    I’d like to, one day, have a dedicated computer as a DAW with a super-duper sound card and a massive hard drive. Yeah, like that will happen. While I’m dreaming of musical stuff I might as well dream of having a USB pre-amp and mixing board, a USB-Midi keyboard, several vintage guitars, microphones, and, oh yeah, a lucrative recording contract. And better guitar playing abilities.

  39. And don’t forget a 1968 Marshall Plexi-lead amplifier.

    If there were a Santa, he’d give me all this stuff for being so good.

  40. In essence it just needed defragged. The system couldn’t find some resources, and the disk first aid eventually pointed everything back to what everything need to see/talk to.

    I need to do a back-up soon.

  41. You ever notice how often people’s HDs fail just after they say “I need to backup soon” ?

    My poor 120 GB HD has been running just short of 10 GB free for ages… I need a bigger HD.

  42. Herne,
    I was hoping my statement above would be the opposite of jinxing myself.

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