The Gecko Goes On A Hiatus

Yes, it’s true, I’m afraid. Tomorrow I head off to the frozen lands of Ohio for a month and I’m not even taking my electric guitar. How can it be? Well, I’ve got this book manuscript to revise … and a family to tend to … some job interviews to prepare for …

Now I’m bogged down with grading final exams. Oh, the boredom of it! It could kill me with boredom. I had last eve to play guitar, but I was exhausted and could find no inspiration for new music, only half-formed ideas, fuzzy riffs that in the end went nowhere, but will be stored in the vault for later when hopefully the muses will come to my aid.

So what will happen with LFA during the next month? Well, we’re finalizing Bloomington Democracy. In fact, at this moment we wait breathlessly to discover what Chopper Newt will do with the music from our final song: Poster Child, a brilliant lyric from Gator’s “drugs and booze youth cycle.” After the remarkable achievement of Block Party, I expect Poster Child to turn out beautifully, too. It’s a hard rocking piece of 80’s nostalgia–set during the era of our youth in the barren moonscapes of the Midwest where hard liquor, weed, and acid formed the experiential triptych of cold winter suburban nights on the outskirts of Chicago. How clearly I can remember it ….

There are several new songs in the works, too, that will (I imagine) eventually appear on our next project, tentatively entitled Copyright Is For Losers. Several have potential, and I will help the guys get them produced, but I’ve already recorded my parts. If anything needs fixing, it’ll have to wait the arrival of February.

But wait! I do have an acoustic guitar in Ohio, so perhaps I will find time to record something a little different. Who knows? Now, back to the grading. Ugh! Where’s that hard liquor, weed, and acid when I need it?

the Gecko


13 Responses to “The Gecko Goes On A Hiatus”

  1. I think the goal was to finish Bloomington Democracy and then take a hiatus…to not have the “pressure” of having to get something “done”.
    Having said that, I am also excited to hear Poster Child as I feel my drums are like frikkin’ lightning in bottle!

    I also want to have a clean break for the drums. As in, I don’t really want to record any drums for music on the new album until I have the new set.

    Songs we have so far for the next album:
    Go Fight Win
    I Know A Girl
    104 Degrees of Separation

  2. Yeah, those PC drums are good. I also await with baited breath the arrival of your new drum kit as I think it will help tighten up our sound for you to have a high-end fully functioning set.

    Don’t forget our country song, unless we still plan to release that separately…

    Can you tell I’m trying to avoid grading?

  3. I’m not forgetting the country song.

    And it’s always pretty clear when you’re avoiding doing work.

  4. choppernewt Says:

    How clearly you can remember it? How clearly CAN you remember it? I cannot remember it clearly.

  5. I used to have an instructor that would grade by number of pages… so I always padded it out.

  6. I should’ve said “who would grade.” Please excuse my poor grammar.

  7. I think you ended on a preposition.
    Gecko, can I get a ruling?

  8. It is hard to remember high school, but some of the more memorably stupid moments stick with me: such as the time we got blasted on Everclear and started lighting the stuff on fire; or the time we were driving in so much snow we lost track of the road and just started driving anywhere we felt like, through yards and over medians, etc. I also remember some hallucinations one New Year’s Eve as a result of, well, you know what. I think I was actually with some “friends” at those apartments Gator writes about in Four H.

    Interestingly, I don’t recall most of this stuff happening with Gator, but with random other people. My memories of Gator involve mostly playing Dungeons and Dragons. But we did have a brief band: Gator on bass, I on guitar (back in the Ampeg days, too), and one of his friends on drums. What was his name? The guy was an awesome drummer, and he had the coolest drum kit: it was one of those sets built onto a big metal rack, like something the Motley Crue guy played.

    I also have a fond memory of a winter during college when Gator and I drove home together during big snow storm. We were approaching a stop light when Gator lost control of the car and started spinning. We spun at least two or three times, as we screamed “Whoaa!” The car slipped off the road, right into a parking lot, and came to rest in a parking spot in front of a bar. Gator said, “Right! The godz have spoken!”

  9. As for grammar, I’m only correcting Pent and Newt. Everybody else has a free pass. Especially in the morning.

  10. I have packed the Toneport along with my computer, so I can record acoustic guitar. So if anyone has any ideas for acoustic rock over the next month, I’m up for doing a song or two. Hey, how about an outlaw country tune?

  11. I’ve sent several country songs, I am sure at least one can be acoustic-y.

  12. Well, I’d have to search through about ten thousand songs you sent to find them.

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