202330 on Zothy Nine #11

Like Punk?  Like accented English?  You’re going to love you some Zothy Nine podcast.  I liked damn near every song on this episode, and then right in the middle of it all is 202330, respresenting.

High point – the hosts had apparently not confronted the word “afar” in their English studies.  Anyway, far better than I could do in German, no mistake there.  And as always, love hearing our stuff in the middle of such quality music.  Do check this out.

22 Responses to “202330 on Zothy Nine #11”

  1. Oh…man…awesome!!

  2. Think I’ll download this and listen on my iPod today. Does he say anything about the song?

  3. There aren’t too many reasons to be proud one is an American these days. Having corrupt war criminals for leaders? Nope, that isn’t a reason. Fast falling toward third world status? Naw, not a good reason, either.

    But, we did grow up speaking the language of rock and roll. So, we can get airtime with our home-produced music anywhere in the world. How cool is that?

  4. I listened to the podcast. There are some good songs there. I even liked the first song, even though they mocked it.

  5. hey guys.
    i’m lurking too.
    your band resume of podcasts is long enough for me to use to smack my bandmates upside their collective backsides.

  6. Yo, Gordon!

    Where are you selling your new CD? I listened to the streams on RN. Great stuff, man!

  7. Yeah…if you just let me know where to order, I’m all over that bitch!

  8. Wow…activity plummeted to a low on this site over the weekend.
    I figured with the weather as it is, people would be flocking here out of boredom.

  9. Too much holiday and family crap to do. Damn, is it cold, though!

    And I’m awaiting Chopper’s work with Poster Child.

  10. Chopper is Mr. Incommunicado this past week.
    Must have a lot of stuff going on. (All good I hope.)

  11. Indeed. I don’t hope for bad.

    We’ll be back into things eventually.

  12. If you’re bored you could listen to the most recent AGP… I did a little ditty just for you, Pent…

  13. @Matt: These few weeks are fairly ridiculous for anyone to get anything done, both at work or at home.

    @Herne: I’m at work now, so I will try to remember to download it to the iphone tonight so that I may listen to it during my commute.

  14. Well, I just got home from errands and I’m working off the stress of being anywhere near Xmas shoppers by having a double shot of Jameson’s. Ah!

  15. My final xmas gifts finally arrived today here at work. I was getting extremely agitated with the website I ordered them from. (Ordered over a month ago!)
    If they hadn’t shown up, I was going to be forced to actually go out shopping for 2 gifts. shudder

  16. Just in time for Xmas, it’s Aussie Geeks #012: Last Minute Geek Gift Guide!

    You’re 2 down now, Pent!

  17. You produce hour long podcasts faster than we can produce 3 minute rock songs. Obviously we’re slow. But if you made fun of Pent at all, I’ll be sure to download and enjoy (i.e., gloat).

  18. I tried to download it directly to my iphone…but geeks use Flash to trigger the download and iphone doesn’t yet support Flash.
    So I tried to use my computer last night and out internet was out. It was back on this morning but not enough to download that monster file and load onto the iphone.

  19. Yeah, good thing you got that iPhone, eh?

    @Matt *I* don’t produce the AGP, I’m just one of the major antagonists as opposed to Dave who is one of the main protagonists.

    And I would never make fun of Sir Pent… much.

  20. Why not? It’s one of my favorite pastimes.

  21. Merry Christmas…to one of you.

  22. Is it Xmas yet? Ho ho ho to all.

    Damn, but did I have a great Xmas eve dinner at my favorite local French restaurant? Indeed I did.

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