Stay With Me on Clever Little Pod #43

It looks like the LFA got a little Christmas present this year. Stuffed up our stocking was a spin of our song Stay With Me on the Clever Little Pod podcast. Yes, it’s another podcast out of the UK where we are almost more popular than we are in our native USA.

Clever Little Pod is a podcast I stumbled across on myspace. It’s a comedy podcast, but I took notice of the fact that he occasionally plays pop music between the skits. (He also mentioned Dr. Who on the myspace page…so I felt compelled to contact him!) I emailed the podcast and Gary was kind enough to give our music a listen. Soon he requested an MP3 of Stay With Me, which I was happy to oblige. However, Gary became extremely busy and wasn’t able to get us on until a few months later on his Christmas show.

Listening to the podcast, you can hear the prep and care put into it. There is a lot of production put into it. A lot of it is actually funny, too. If anyone reading this is familiar with the old Peter Sellers radio program, it reminds me of that in tone and style.

So get over there and give it a listen right away:

Thanks Gary!
Sir Pent
drummer and favorite member of Lizards From Afar


17 Responses to “Stay With Me on Clever Little Pod #43”

  1. This post would’ve been put up sooner, but unfortunately with all the holiday madness I both missed that Gary gave us a spin and then did not have the time to write it up once I was made awares.
    Sorry Gary and thanks again for the spin.

  2. It is a good show. Quite slick. I’m glad to hear Stay With Me on it, which is a good little tune. Makes me think we should do yet another re-make. But which song?

    Thanks to Sir Pent, too, for his tireless promotion of LFA. I discovered we’d been played when I saw the stats on this site, but also had no time to put up a post.

  3. Did I tell you that I am contact with the Komodo Dragon? Perhaps it’s time to redo a song from Tantric Pathways and get Tom in on the fun.

    Side note: I’ve been checking the sales for my drums every day since Xmas. No real discounts to speak of…BUT, there is one place that is selling a package of just the pads/brain. No rack. It looks like it is about $700 cheaper.
    Seeing as I already have a rack from the old drums, that might just be the way to go.
    One question I must figure out: do the new drums match the fittings for the old?
    One problem: I would be 1 cymbal mount short and I haven’t been able to find anywhere to buy a SINGLE piece.

  4. New KFL drums recorded and in the uploader. (Email with much more detail sent to band members…and I DO mean MEMBERS.)

  5. Hard to believe there are no discounts in this market. Maybe you should go to Guitar Center and try to deal.

    But I wouldn’t try to do it on the cheap by using your old rack. You’ll end up with some unworkable situation and end up spending more….

    Where is the Komodo Dragon these days? How did you get in contact with him?

  6. Komodo is on Facebook. We exchanged emails and he said he would love the chance to redeem himself on the some of the old LFA songs. (Apparently he kicks himself as much as we do for our various blunders.)

  7. Really?!

    Which song would we redo from TP? Most of them seem moot, but I’d consider “Then I Fall.”

    As an aside, since you just posted new KFL drums, I went ahead and rendered out flacs from 104 degrees and I Know A Girl, but I’ve got to post them, which is what takes the time. I just did the guitar tracks with none of my post processing work, but you can play to them I suppose. When I have them posted, I’ll let you know via e-mail.

  8. I’d have to think about it. Then I Fall is one of the songs that came out the best on that album…I think.

  9. I can’t really see doing Last Train again or No Remorse. I’d like to do the Caverns of Agartha again, but it was an instrumental.

    I guess I have to bite the bullet and get a Facebook account….

  10. I’ve always thought there was something that could be done to Last Train. Tom has a few bad moments during it. I just don’t have any ideas on updating and upgrading it.

    Purchase of drumset may once again be postponed. My truck died on me this morning. If it’s just the battery, then it’s nothing. If it’s the starter…or anything else…I’m screwed.

  11. Bummer. I’m starting to think I should send you this drum machine application, then you can at least put together drum tracks. But I suppose there’s no rush. I was hoping to get Horse done this January, but otherwise I’m content to wait a while on the next project. Other than my “real” work, I’m starting the slow construction of a “new” telecaster project. I just got a vintage style tele bridge on ebay for a mere $14. I have a neck and tuners. The hunt for a good body is next. We’re all hunting good bodies…

    Why is your old kit falling apart so dramatically anyway? Just a piece of junk?

    Who is Brad Stine? He sent me a friend request and he’s from Chicago, but I have no memory of him–although the name is familiar. He must be one of your friends, no?

  12. The set itself is almost 10 years old. The bass drum problems are a result of it being caught in a basement flooding once. I took apart and dried…the hi-hat pedal stopped working after that, but the bass was hit and miss. I think it’s just getting worse with age and now my more aggressive use of it.

    The ride cymbal problem I was having? No idea. While it was always on the lower-end quality wise, I’ve never had the problems I started having yesterday. Once again, it could just be age.

    The snare I think is just losing it’s sensitivity. I can’t get a consistent sound out of it. Trigger is probably going on that pad. (I suppose I could try switching it with one of the toms since they are the same.)

    – – – – –

    Brad Stine is a lifelong friend of mine and was one of the guys that came to all of our shows. He was also at a few parties we were all at. I thought you might remember him and vice-versa.
    I was wrong. He sent me an email asking “Who is Matt?”

  13. While I was looking up books on line I did a brief search for the new set you want, but everywhere has it for the same price. Perhaps Yamaha sets the retail price. Not a cheap piece of equipment. There was a video of a guy playing the set, however, and the damn thing is awesome for an electric kit: They sampled all the high-end Yamaha acoustic kits, and you can even choke the cymbals. Just order it on your credit card, dude!

  14. I’ve seen the video of that guy playing the drums. He’s quite good and the drums sound great. I’ve played the set at Guitar Center…it’s nice. Of course, there are “better” electronic drums…but they cost thousands more.

    My truck was just towed away to the dealer. Hopefully I’ll get some good news tomorrow.

  15. To the dealer? On a ten year old truck? Now you’re going to pay, man.

    Automobiles suck, man. We just had to repair our 1999 Saturn for a godawful amount of dough: clutch, pressure plate, etc.

    Our other car is a 2008 Fit, however, and I don’t expect it to break down for at least half a million miles.

  16. The last post is from Gary of Clever Little Pod. He has his own blog site called Gazuky. (Which I can only assume is a reference to Godzookie from the old Godzilla Saturday morning cartoon series.)
    He posted a link to our blog from his blog.

    …and the circle of pod-life continues.

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