Happy 2009!

From the Lizards to the Lizards and all their friends.

Will we finally release a final version of Bloomington Democracy this year?

Will we ever record anything else?

Who knows? Who cares?

We’ll find out in 2009.


25 Responses to “Happy 2009!”

  1. 2007 was a shitty year.
    2008 was a rollercoaster for me. One of the highs was getting back together with the Lizards From Afar.
    Thanks to Matt, Chris and Ivan for bringing the goods into 2008.


  2. 2009 seems much the same as 2008 was, although brighter somehow… It could be because the sun is out now, I’m not sure.

    I just hope I continue to have a job 6 months from now…

    I haven’t been the same since 1147 anyway.

  3. I think a lot of us are hoping that we have jobs 6 months from now.

  4. Summer is always our slow time… after the scare we had this fall with job losses and pay cuts, I’m hoping it would become our “dead stop” time…

  5. That should have been “won’t become” … Damn no-preview comments!

  6. I hope it’s not a dead-stop for you guys either.

  7. No dead stop for us: at CUNY we’re getting MORE students AND charging them higher tuition. But there is a hiring freeze. So it’s more students paying more money for the same number of professors. Seems FUBAR to me.

  8. Way of the world. I think everyone in my company that is supervisor and up has more employees, more responsibilities and no pay increase.

  9. Actually, I did get a union-agreed pay increase this academic year. Will the admin take it back? Seems possible.

  10. Hey, are you going to be able to do drums for Horse or is your kit totaled? Maybe you can sing it, too, huh? Since Chopper seems to have flown the coop. I think we can keep my singing on 104 degrees of separation, if need be.

  11. I’m going to try and do the drums for Horse this weekend depending on how the Xmas clean-up goes. Believe it or not, Gina did a majority of it today.
    Once the drums are done I can try and do a vocal…but am not promising I will send it…

  12. I tried to do a vocal, but couldn’t get anything I liked.

    I’m busy trying to collect parts for my tele project at low princes. Just got a real fender neck plate today for a mere $3.60. I’m still trying to get a body for under $100, however, and that’s proving a smidge difficult.

  13. Hand carve one out of wood.

  14. Ha ha. Very amusing.

    I have a bid down for a Highway One tele body that’s quite gorgeous, but the price is going to climb quite high, I suspect. I really can’t justify spending too much. There’s also a Classic Player Baja tele body in cream that looks pretty vintage, but it’s already over $100.

    Which one is better iyo?

  15. That sunburst one is pretty sweet.

  16. The cream one is totally classic 60s rock. Sunburst is totally Texas roadhouse. But the cream one is already over $200, so I’m giving up on that one. The sunburst is approaching $100, so I’ll be forced to go up if I want it. My problem is the same as yours, actually: the credit card bill for our car repairs just came in and it’s $1000. Crap.

  17. Not a good year for jobs, roads, weather or cars.

  18. Sounds like a good year for blues music, then!

  19. I haven’t written a lot of blues songs…I think my writing style might be a tad cheesy for blues, but I’ll start thinking about it.

  20. How about a blues song about me trying to get a telecaster body. Got outbid on that sunburst by $12 in the last 20 minutes because I was putting my daughter to bed. This is what I hate about ebay. There are always more half-lives on line than I am.

    The question now is whether to bid for a black one:

    Or wait to bid for another sunburst.

  21. OK. Bid on another sunburst, but a black one is next on the list–particularly as it’s routed like a tele custom, which will go well with the tele custom neck I have waiting for it:

    I have a vintage style bridge waiting for it, too:

    Looking forward to trying to intonate this thing–they’re legendary for being squirrely above the 15th fret.

  22. I think the sunburst is more unique…but you can never go wrong with black.

  23. I think it’s going to be black…. somebody out there is outbidding me on the sunbursts. I wonder how high I’d have to go to get the damn thing?

    And I’d rather have the sunburst, too, when it comes right down to it.

  24. I also hear that once you go black, you never go back.

  25. There’s a MIMexico sunburst tele body on auction until next week, so perhaps I’ll wait for that one. Should be able to get an MIM one for less than the American ones….

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