Kung Fu Lover – New Drum Track!

Because our vocalist, guitarist, bassist, engineer is apparently out on a lam, I have posted my own modest new mix of Kung Fu Lover with Sir Pent’s new and improved drum track. Although we’ll await Chopper’s mix down, I do think this is our “definitive” version of the song. Pent’s new drumming here rocks, and the song sounds great. And I must admit my mix isn’t too bad either.

Click on the ReverbNation banner to the right and listen or download the mp3.


42 Responses to “Kung Fu Lover – New Drum Track!”

  1. Very ballsy of you.
    It is a much better drum part (if I do say so myself) and your mix on this IS better than the first one you did lo those many months ago.

  2. I just need to figure out the parametric EQ.

    And where IS Newtski these days anyway? Has anyone heard from him?

    I’m currently applying for one of the precious few academic jobs in Ohio. Following the times, the whole thing is done online.

  3. Newtski is around. I just don’t think his heart is into the LFA right now.
    Very busy with work and trying to get the next VO gig and family time.

    I’m sure he’ll be back someday.

  4. More cowbell!

  5. Absofuckinglutely.

  6. His heart’s not in it? Even with those cowbells?

    I have to say, I really do dig the new drumming on this song–it makes me want to listen to it! The cowbell works great and I even like the weird sound effect–and that’s a first with Pent’s weird sounds. I disliked (and still do) all the other sound effects he’s used in the other songs, but the one in KFL works.

    I was thinking the chorus could be improved if Pent and I added a screaming “HI-Ya!” track, though. But maybe not.

    In guitar news, I’ve almost certainly decided to build an “Esquire” rather than strictly a telecaster. viz: http://www.fender.com/products/prod_images/guitars/0131502303_md.png

    I dig its simplicity.

  7. I don’t know if he’s even listened to your new mix or not…so he quite possibly doesn’t know about the cowbell.

    I think that guitar matches you.

  8. I was joking.

    I put in a bid for an esquire circuit on ebay. If I get it, I’ll build the esquire, if not I’ll just build a tele, I suppose. The esquire is supposed to be brighter even than a tele. Springsteen traditionally plays a modified esquire, btw.

    I got the idea today when I went into the Guitar Center to check out the clearance sale (which sucked). I played an American tele through a Fender valve amp–beautiful sound, but I couldn’t see that I would ever need the neck pickup. So why not get a tele that doesn’t have a neck pickup at all! Plus, the esquire is the first guitar that Leo Fender designed.

  9. I’m edging toward the black body and away from the sunburst, although if I could find a vintage “blonde” I’d get that. Nothing seems to show up at a vaguely reasonable price.

    The original 1952 Esquires are now going on ebay for something like $25,000. Wow.

  10. You can afford that…you’re wife might leave you, but you could afford it.

  11. Sell the wife, buy the guitar?

  12. I wonder if I could get 25k for the wife?

    And regarding the wife, she thinks the “wine” finish would be great, but I’m not so sure:

    I think I’m still into black or the traditional blonde:

  13. I love Herne.

    Not crazy about the wine color.

  14. I’m not into the wine, either. Probably nobody is, which is why it’s cheaper. Haven’t had a chance to read your new lyrics, Pent.

    I’m also wondering when I’ll get to record anything next semester, too. Damn the lack of goofing off time!

  15. I’m not sure if you will like it.

  16. You could just buy this guitar:

  17. Never liked Washburn guitars or amps, honestly. The amp I used in early Lizard days was a Washburn and I finally just gave the damn thing away to get rid of it. Horrible amp. It was only my rockin’ Ibanez pedals that made its sound even vaguely tolerable. I still dream of my Ampeg Gemini VI.

    Anyway, I don’t need a guitar at all. Just building one for the hell of it, if I can get the parts pretty cheap. Let’s talk about important acquisitions: are you going to get the new drum kit or keep plodding on with your half functioning one?

    I was thinking earlier: if you can use Cubase as I use Mixcraft you can put specific instances of a sound anywhere on the measure, so you could “construct” certain drum tracks. E.g., if you bass drum is failing, just get one good “hit” recorded from it and manually place it wherever it is needed in a song. Probably this wouldn’t really work….

  18. There is a way to do it in Cubase…but it is really manual and time consuming. (Probably because my version is pretty old.)
    I’ve played around with that a few times but wasn’t crazy about the outcome. Usually just ending up re-recording.

  19. Oh…and as far as buying the new set is concerned, I have let Newter know that until he is “back in action” that I do not intend to buy.
    I don’t want to spend that kind of money if we are not going to be recording anything.

  20. Maybe “wine finish” is some sort of euphemism for “happy ending”? Or maybe she just wants more wine?

    I think you should buy this one; http://www.firstqualitymusic.com/itemdetail.asp?item=RBSSPP1CHP

  21. Gibson SG is cool–if it’s the one Angus Young plays. That purple one is weird.

    Are we recording anything? I mean, you and I can do instrumentals, but it’s not the same without Choopski voice. And darned if I don’t dig his guitar playing, too. He’ll be back. He’s just playing hard to get or something.

    In the meantime, do that Horse drum track and then sing the damned thing. I’m sure you can sing it like a redneck. I did a “Johnny Cash” vocal track–but even I can’t really sing that deep, and my attempt just sounded flat. Perhaps I’ll send it to you for kicks.

    One again I was outbid by $2.50 because I was busy doing something else when the auction ended. I’m now top bidder on a black 52 reissue tele body–which I’d like even more than the others. But I’ll probably be outbid again.

  22. Yeah…the purple on that guitar is weird looking.

    I wanted to do Horse this past weekend, but it got too busy and these days I can only accomplish so much. Overall I agree…without Chopper’s participation I think the kind of stuff the two of us could do alone would get boring pretty quick.

  23. Well, I have the music bug now, so I’ll have to look for a band in NYC or Ohio if nothing else. I jammed with a guy at Willis Music this morn while waiting for an oil change. He’s so much better than I, too. It’s when you jam with other musicians that you realize how much you suck.

    But I did figure out the first part of a 17th-century guitar piece last weekend.

  24. I’m not giving up hope. I’d like to finish off this album and do another.

    It is cool to play with people above your skill level. It really brings up your game.

  25. Don’t give up hope! I’d like to keep recording, too.

    Who is Mike Showalter, by the way? I got a friend request from him on Facebook.

  26. Never heard of Mike Showalter.
    If you don’t instantly recognize him…see if you can view his profile, check out his INFO tab. Maybe he’s someone from your deep, dark past.

    If it turns out you don’t know him you can do two things:
    1) Send a message asking if you know him
    2) Flat out decline the friend request

    I’ve heard from a few people that there are ways of hacking up Facebook profiles…so you need to be careful who you accept friend requests from AND be careful what kind of APPS requests (those stupid games) you allow to be installed on your account.

  27. Says we have Ivan as a friend in common, so I guess he’s a friend of Ivan. I wonder if I ever knew him, too. If so, the name has been lost to the ravages of time on my pitiful mind.

  28. Have you checked out the Cluster Map?

  29. A few new visitors?

  30. Well, damn, I just won a 50s reissue Esquire pots and switch rig.

    I wonder if I can figure out how to wire it up….

    Of course, I have to win the 50’s reissue body tomorrow, too. This is the one I want (it’s Ash): http://i24.ebayimg.com/07/i/001/27/8e/780a_1.JPG

  31. I don’t know what pots or switch rigs are…well, I know what pot is.

  32. pots = potentiometers, used to control electrical devices, here the volume and tone control. The switch on a normal tele switches between the neck pickup, the neck+bridge pickup, or the bridge pickup. On an esquire, the switch will, as I understand it controls the tone–for example, in the rear position it bypasses the tone pot altogether, giving a hot, sparkly sound.

    I still need the body, control plate, and the output jack. And control knobs. Oh, and pickguard. Only the body is a big deal. The rest is cheap.

    Then I have to figure out how to build it, of course.

  33. I forgot about the pickup. So, there are two more expensive parts to acquire.

    I’m partial to this one, as it’s a little hotter than the vintage style ones (and thus perhaps better for our style of music):

    When I get all the parts, I’ll have to do a post of the building process. I’m quite looking forward to the soldering part. I haven’t soldered anything in decades.

  34. Yeah, do a post with progress updates and all.

    And when it’s done, set it on fire ala Jimi Hendrix.

  35. Bleh, I was outbid on the Ash 50s RI body, and I don’t think I can go that high–not with my portending doom looming neigh on the horizon.

    I might sell it for a pretty penny when I’m done building it. If I’m ever able to build it. At this rate I’ll soon have everything necessary except that actual guitar body. I’m being unrealistic thinking I can get it one for $160 or less, I suppose.

  36. Back in the lead again, but on the verge of being outbid, which will happen late this eve when I’m not online. So it goes.

    But I am in a solid lead for a pickup and vintage 50s control knobs….

    Into the depths of editing Chapter Two of the book ms. Meanwhile, downloaded the Violent Femmes from BT. Suddenly came to my mind that I’d like to hear Blister In the Sun…. All the shit one can do online these days while working (or at least pretending to work). Computer are the biggest time wasters on the planet.

  37. So you know…as a general rule…when I am writing any of my rock songs, in my head the music is always a mixture of:
    – Dead Milkmen “Punk Rock Girl”
    – Violent Femmes “Blister In The Sun”
    – Too Much Joy “Gone Fishin”
    – They Might Be Giants “Don’t Let’s Start”

  38. Also

    – Baby Elephant Walk
    – Anything on the Calliope

  39. Woo Hoo! Won the pickup! Had to go up to $36, but that’s still a good $25 less than retail, I think.

  40. Quiet down Herne

    Congrats Matt…on multiple fronts, obviously.

  41. Thanks! Actually, regarding the other news, we’re not ENTIRELY positive–one of those home tests came up positive, you know.

    But I’m winning my ebay bids like mad: just got 50s RI control knobs for $7.

    Still need the body, pickguard, and output jack…

    If all goes as planned, the whole guitar will look like this:

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