The Geckos

In my off time between playing guitar for Lizards From Afar, working as a professor, being a dad and husband, etc., I play steel drum with my moonlighting band the Geckos:

Go enjoy our music–download mp3s for free!

I kid, of course. Someone searching for this band stumbled across our page through the magic of Google, and I saw the stats and did my own search for the Geckos. Go check ’em out! They’re too good to be true, really.


11 Responses to “The Geckos”

  1. And in the ongoing Esquire building saga: do I bite the bullet and buy a sunburst body that just went on sale for $179? Really, can I expect to get a better deal than that? And it’s a one day sale, too: it’s like the guy is just tempting me personally.

  2. You have 2 choices:

    – you’re really not in a hurry and wait until you get the deal on an auction

    – get anxious and just buy this cuz it sounds like a good enough price

  3. Well, duh!

    I think the Newt should stop by and provide his opinion. If you see him tell him he can’t play hide and seek anymore.

    The big question is: have you listened to the Geckos?

  4. I think he should too…but I’m not gonna push him. He’s like a scared rabbit.

    I haven’t listened to the Geckos. Today so far has been:
    – babysitting
    – laundry
    – 2 hours of shoveling…and a few scant hours later you barely tell
    I would listen now, but the anchor…errr, wife is blasting some bland pop crap in the next room.

  5. Ha ha!

    In other news, I have a tele body and it’s a sunburst! Voila:

    It’s Alder, not Ash, so not entirely authentic for a ’52 Esquire, but then again, I don’t think they had sunburst back in the early ’50s either. This is an American made one, too. Now I only need the pickguard, control plate, and output jack.

    So here’s what the guitar will look like:

    I imagine this guitar is the last thing I’ll get for myself for ages, however, what with the new person coming into the fam and all. Hell, in a year I might not even have a real job at all on account of it being easier to live cheaply in OH than in NY City.

  6. And we can’t really keep up this commuting life with a new baby, I should add….

    In the meantime, fellow dad, why aren’t you recording more drums? Horse, IKAG and 104 Degrees await. Just kidding.

  7. choppernewt Says:

    Congrats on the pending possible new addition, Gecko.

    No one alerted me that the African continent is now officially on board? That’s Egypt, right? Hellz yeah.

    Now, where my Russians at?

  8. He’s alive! He’s alive!

  9. And thanks, I should add.

  10. It’s too late for “thanks”. Now because of your rude behavior, he will have disappeared for another 6 weeks…much like the groundhog.

    I don’t think I ever looked for Russian podcasts…maybe I should.

  11. I assume you can’t read the Cyrillic alphabet.

    I’m not going to baby him. Get some LFA work done, Newt! Pronto!

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