Will Oldham

While the Newt blandly watches zombie movies and refuses to keep the LFA ball rolling, the Gecko discovers another musician he should have discovered long ago: Will Oldham, aka Bonny Prince Billy.  Now I’m inspired to record another song, perhaps this coming week when I can find a moment. Oh, if only I can do music like Oldham!


Official Site


9 Responses to “Will Oldham”

  1. hey, I just did a search for Will Oldham blogs and it seems that yours is the only legitimate one, aside from all the other random unrelated stuff. Can I ask which of his music you’re into? Im guessing that, in using his real name [rather than Bonnie Billy], you’re into his earlier stuff??…

  2. I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t kept up with Oldham’s music, although I do like it. I had never heard of him before reading a New Yorker article about him last year. He seemed very interesting, so I looked him up online. I quite like his quavering voice.

  3. I guess something that I should check out.

  4. Legitimate? How do you figure?
    Lots of people reading my Ace Frehley review. That’s important.

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