Current LFA News, by the Gecko

Currently, as January 2009 comes slowly to its conclusion, there is indeed little news to report, dear LFA fans.

LFA have found themselves in a long winter funk. I return to my NYC commute in a few days, where I will perhaps steal a few moments on the weeknights to record music. There are several new LFA songs in the works for  a follow-up collection that I have dubbed with the working title “Copyright is for losers”–on which I have worked to develop some “new” guitar sounds: vintage fuzzy and bronzy tones, in fact. But none of these songs is near near fruition.

Meanwhile, “Bloomington Democracy” remains an elusive project, hopefully nearing completion.

Our Chopper Newt seems to have lost his LFA motivation in the midst of life and other projects. Sir Pent continues to contribute increasingly good lyrics, but has not been in shape to add drum tracks to any of the new material. Gator has also submitted a few very good pieces, but I haven’t yet had musical inspiration for them. Talk is of a band meeting soon to decide upon our direction. The godz know we need it.

Stick with us. When hi fi final mixes of “Bloomington Democracy” are available, we’ll be taking the podcasts by storm once again, as well as looking for internet radio outlets.

P.S. There’s rumor of a LFA “country” tune to appear soon…. It has been in the works for months.


11 Responses to “Current LFA News, by the Gecko”

  1. WAV files uploading as we speak.
    I’m no singer…but gave it my best shot.
    As usual, I ask that you not listen to the tracks individually. Plug them into the song and then listen.

    Still needs a fat, walking bass line. Probably more backing vocals. I did a low-end backing…but think it needs something in the middle that I just couldn’t quite nail, so I gave up on that.

    Surprisingly, I don’t feel that bad right now. Side hurts a little, but nothing major.

  2. Downloading right now….

    And we gots a fat walking bass line (I did one)…. What we need is a guitar solo in the middle (which I’ll do if Chopper doesn’t).

    Glad you aren’t feeling bad.

  3. Side is starting to hurt. I was expecting that, though.

  4. We got a broken drummer.

  5. Just to show how bizzarely small the world is, I came across your band listening to the Tokoyo Calling podcast while spending my last month in Chicago before returning home to Michigan after 8 years. What makes it truely bizzare is that most of those 8 years were spent in Bloomington working at the Farm. Looking forward to your new release and may even try to spread it to the Canadian side of the Detroit river.

  6. Thanks for listening. And that’s a funny story. It is a small world, isn’t it?

  7. choppernewt Says:

    @Damon: I work at the Farm. While I know for a fact it is a better place to work that the majority of other employers across this nation (I’ve worked for most of them as well), I can’t help wanting to punch myself in the nuts every day on the way in here. Weird. Also, absolutely thanks for listening, and more importantly to our egos, commenting!

  8. Funny, I didn’t know what was meant by “the Farm” at first. I wondered if it were 1) a real farm or 2) the name of some obscure bar. But I caught up eventually.

    And, Chopper, having a job at all these days is something to celebrate. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

  9. And Chopper, I will provide the nut punching if you are not inspired to do it…

  10. As much as I hated working at the Farm, it literally took an offer to double my pay to pry me out of it. I still have a number of friends back there in IT. I just hope that my current gig working from home continues (almost the only way I could return to the Detroit area was to bring a job with me), because a return to Bloomington may be more than I could take.

    @ Matt: The story I heard when I moved to Bloomington was every third person you see about town worked there or had a family member that did.

  11. Damon,
    So what is it your doing now…if you’re allowed to tell?

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