Lizards From Afar on TJ’s Punk Rock Show

After many podcast free months, Lizards From Afar are back on the scene. After a connection made via our Myspace page, TJ decided to give us a spin on his latest show. He has us right up there with some world famous punk ensembles like The Presidents of the United States of America, The Pogues, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, and The All American Rejects.

So hop over to his site and get the download:

Thanks TJ,
Sir Pent

28 Responses to “Lizards From Afar on TJ’s Punk Rock Show”

  1. Maybe we’ll get some traffic on here again!

  2. Thanks for the plug on your site Lizards From Afar, keep making the good music and rock on.

  3. Awesome! Thanks, TJ. And good work, Pent, our relentless promoter/drummer/song-writer.

    I can’t listen until this eve when I get home from work, however. What song of ours is on the show?

  4. Incidentally, I noticed under TJ’s “Record Labels” page there is a label called “kung fu records.” I dunno, but that might be the one for us, man.

  5. I didn’t have a chance to see what song was spun. TJ was still uploading as I was writing the article…so I couldn’t listen and I didn’t want to bug the guy. (Doesn’t sound like me, does it?)

  6. No, it doesn’t.

  7. BTW, it’s 202330. I’m glad that song is getting more play, as I really dig it. Fitting that it should be on a British podcast, too.

  8. I was just listening to that song on the way home from work today. Sweet.

  9. I put the Armor demo on the iPhone last night and listened to it a few times on the way in this morning.
    I will admit I was wrong. The length of the song fits nicely with the lyrics and the composition.
    I’m still not crazy about the U2 style guitar solo sections. It doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the song. I would still love to hear either a classical guitar style solo…or maybe something kinda violin-ish.

  10. Violinish? I have an organ in there already. I thought the solo complimented the organ lead, which is low, while the guitar is high. But, hey, I don’t really care. I’ll render out a wav file with just the organ and acoustic guitar, sans any electric guitar, and post it. You can do percussion and perhaps Chris will do whatever he wants with the electric guitar.

    I’d also still like to work on 104 Degrees and I Know A Girl, which are good. Last night I took out the Tube Screaming rhythm guitar I had on 104 degrees and added instead a simple overdriven Marshall tone, a la the Ramones. It’s very cool. I’d love for Chris to add another overdriven rhythm and a lead in the middle of the song. I’d keep my singing, though, especially if Chris could do a little backing vocals. It’s the only song I’ve ever “sung” that doesn’t make me cringe.

  11. I think something violin-ish for the first solo and something rock guitar-ish for the ending solo. But clean.

    Time permits I will try and work on IKAG in the next week or so. See if I can get the old set to spit out something usable.

  12. Don’t know if I’ll be able to render anything out now of the newer stuff anyway, but if you can get something going for IKAG, maybe we can motivate the Chopper. Oh, who am I kidding?

  13. I’ve got to do the taxes this weekend. That’s a good afternoon shot.

  14. Taxes! I don’t want to think about those.

  15. A quiet weekend, thus far.

    I just realized we haven’t gotten Block Party on any podcasts, have we? Think I’ll submit it to Insomnia Radio.

  16. Haven’t started the taxes yet. Hopefully tomorrow.
    The boy woke up fine…but a few hours later started getting sickly. He started crying and said his ear hurt him. We took him to the doctor and he has an ear infection.
    I also bought him one of those wooden train-track sets with the whole special table. He’s wanted one for a long time and ToysRUs had them on clearance.
    It only took me 3 hours to put the table section together. Tomorrow I have to put all the houses/stations/bridges together…

    Poster Child sounds pretty good. I sent some critique’s to Chopper…which I’m sure will be ignored.

  17. choppernewt Says:

    Blow yourself. Hope the boy feels better soon. Blow yourself.

    I don’t ignore your critiques. I read them and if they’re not stupid I might do something about them.

    New PC “mastered” track is in your mailboxes. Better. Much better. Car test coming soon, while securing donuts for the village.

  18. The new mix sounds so goddamned cool I feel like I’m in 1988 again. Let’s release it.

    Ear infections. My daughter had those on and off for a while. We powered through them.

  19. OK, you don’t ignore me. You choose to pay me no heed.

  20. I ignore you.

  21. Perhaps Chris should do a new post about the new release Poster Child? He hasn’t done a post in simply ages.

  22. Maybe Ivan should do it, since it is his lyrics–and even the music was his idea. Somebody go tell him.

  23. Ya know…you’re finally right about something.
    Ivan should do it.

  24. My grammar is bad, though: “it is his lyric” or “they are his lyrics.” Can’t let myself become a barbarian just because I communicate with you.

    But you are a resourceful barbarian, Pent-boy: I’m quite looking forward to getting BD pressed on to some CDs. We’ll sell them at all our gigs….

  25. Let me get it estimated first and see if it is worth it…I think we are looking at the $440 range if we have them do EVERYTHING. (Duplicate + printed CD + Cover Insert + back insert)

    It’s probably half that if we just have them do the CDs and I try to print the stuff for “free” at work…and then everyone would be responsible for inserting artwork themselves.

    I’ll make a call when we’re closer to having a “master”.

  26. Right, right. Post is done. Drinks are dead. Just need to remember the admin passwords. I have too many of these things, and they can’t ALL be “blowmepent.”

  27. It’s whatever your regular login is/was. Matt then just sets that account to have admin rights.

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