Poster Child featured on Dark Compass #352

This week our good friend from the UK, Rowley, featured our latest recording Poster Child on his Dark Compass podcast. Episode #352 is called Bowling For Music. Once again the sampling of music is diverse…but each song has an interesting pop quality while still having a rock feel.

An interesting disclosure occurs prior to Poster Child. He talks about strange dreams that he is having and goes into detail about one in particular. Seeing as we have our own soothsayer within the LFA (I’m looking at you, Gator), I was thinking as a thank you for the continued support that perhaps a dream analysis is in order.

Check out Dark Compass #352 here: /144170/ 3

Check out Rowley at the Dark Compass home page here:

Thanks Rowley…you’re a great friend to the musician.
Sir Pent
Drummer of Lizards From Afar


52 Responses to “Poster Child featured on Dark Compass #352”

  1. It would be nice though if Gator could work up some of his mumbo-jumbo for Rowley.

  2. choppernewt Says:

    Dammit, I thought this was going to be about Roland Burris!

    My log will have something to say about this.

  3. choppernewt Says:

    Also, the new Steely Dan fact leaves me cold. It’s too close to the truth, really, they are named after some fictional dildo in some work of fiction. I don’t feel like going to wikipedia to look it up. More falsehood, please.

  4. Im always up for some Mumbo Jumbo.

    • Done and done, Rowley … I’ll be downloading the episode tomorrow morning and will whip up some hocus-pocus analysis immediately.

      (When Sir Pent contacted me with “a task” and then I read about your dreams. I was worried that you were dreaming about me.

      No, wait, not worried … what’s the word … elated, yeah, that’s it.

  5. Now THAT’S the Gator I know and love…and who once touched me inappropriately on the veranda.

  6. All I have to do is send us on a tour of Antarctica to work up some action around here.

    Downloading the episode now….

  7. More to come, Matty. More to come.

  8. Interesting. The last time we were on Darkcompass we got a lot more hits here.

    The reverbnation site has been getting some steady activity, though. I’ve been promoting the dickens out of it the past 3 or 4 days. (I figure I’m in bed, might as well accomplish something…)

  9. You’re still out of commission? Wow.

    Heading back to NYC today–except that the city is having terribly windy conditions. Probably the flight will be delayed. Or canceled.

    If I have a moment tonight, I’m going to put some finishing touches on “104 degrees,” but I suppose you’re too ill to add a drum track anytime soon….

  10. I’m back at work today, but still not feeling very well. Whatever this is I’ve managed to get, it’s persistent.

    Illness aside, the next few weeks are very busy for me. But I will give 104 a shot when I am back from my business trips.

  11. And as a bonus for all of us:
    Krokus is coming back with all the original members!!

  12. OK…I don’t know if we want to do a POST about this, but I submitted several of our songs to
    They selected and posted GIANT ROBOT.

    I’m going to put it in the band resume section anyways.

  13. One: Good news about Krokus! I can’t wait to hear their new material (snicker).

    Two: Visiting right now. Very cool. Did you write our description as “Virtual Power Pop Rock Monsters?” Because it’s good. It’s quite good.

    And the song sounds good on their site, too, which is a bonus.

    I posted a comment there.

    As usual, you are an LFA treasure, Pent-boy.

  14. As an aside, I made it to NYC after the most remarkably windy landing in recent memory. Landing at LGA was like a nose dive into a hurricane. My thumbs up to those pilots! I just wish I could stay in New York and never fly again, though.

  15. Updated the Esquire Project part II post to include a pic of the guitar with the bridge cover, which I received this weekend. Damn, this guitar is gorgeous. I need a gig so I can show it off….

  16. choppernewt Says:

    Yeah, that radioindie thing is pretty cool. Nice work.

  17. I do think a post on this is in order as we make our first foray into internet radio.

  18. I did write our description as virtual power pop rock monsters!
    I thought it was funny!

  19. choppernewt Says:

    Did you also give us five stars across the board and classify our recordings as professional studio quality? Is that a stupid question?

  20. I gave us five star ratings and made a raving comment–don’t know if it has appeared yet.

  21. I had nothing to do with the “5 Star Rating”.

    I did say that our music was Studio Quality. (You had two choices…rough demo or studio quality…)

  22. Chopper should consider it a compliment.

  23. choppernewt Says:

    I guess if those were the only choices then it’s reasonably accurate. I’m always about the nuance, you know. I don’t fit into your prefabricated boxes, Mr. Square! Grok that!

  24. Speaking of sounding good, I saw a couple of kids (well, early 20s), one on acoustic guitar, the other on bass, doing a gig in Penn Station this afternoon–and I realized just how impossible even making modest money as a “rock” musician must be nowadays. These guys are good. The guy on acoustic guitar sang and at the same time managed to work a very impressive array of effects pedals to generate an incredible range of sounds with just his one acoustic guitar. And to top it off, their indie rock tunes were soulful and catchy.

    They’re playing Penn Station for handouts.

  25. Penn Station?

  26. Ok. I don’t get it.

    Now preparing to take apart the control plate of the Esquire to rewire the insides and shield. Trying not to burn down the house….

  27. I see there’s another “response” to our song on, and I would put money on it being Chopper in disguise as “Scoper,” as he is famous for dropping names like Robert Pollard and Brit Daniels.

  28. scuse me, Britt Daniel.

  29. It’s been played several times. That’s good.

  30. choppernewt Says:

    Swing and a miss, Gecko. I’ve left no comment under any name. What did it say? (can’t go there, at work).

  31. It said:
    “I was having coffee with Robert Pollard and Brit Daniels and they were jealous that they didn’t write this song (either that happened or I’m insane). Either way this song is awesome.”

  32. choppernewt Says:

    Man, that does sound like something I’d write, other than not knowing who those guys are. Whoever wrote that, I either want to hang out with them or punch them in the face. Or both. Is that the reaction that my comments engender in other people, I wonder?

  33. If it helps you reach a conclusion, I often want to punch you in the face.

  34. Yeah, I agree with Pent-boy. Your comments make me think “You’re cool. And I want to punch you in the face.”

    I assume the guy is referring to Britt Daniel, founder of the band Spoon (he’s our age)–I’ve heard of Spoon, if that means anything. I didn’t know who Robert Pollard was, but apparently he’s from Dayton, Ohio (I’ve never met him there) and was one of the founders of the indie band Guided By Voices (of whom I know nothing, but from what I’ve learned on wikipedia they sound pretty damned cool).

  35. choppernewt Says:

    Congrats to Bob, for getting the Gecko shitcanned with three little words.

  36. What does shitcanned mean? At any rate, I’m erasing my comment… just in case.

  37. choppernewt Says:

    Axed, pinkslipped, downsized, etc. Your comment was OK, it was Bob’s that took us on a lurid left-turn. But you’re at college, no? That’s a different story. Heck, I remember stuff like that going on all the time. For other people, I mean. I’m looking at you, JV.

  38. Sorry. (Not really…)

  39. That’s what I thought. Gotta avoid even the whiff, dudes. Really. Ouch. Alls I’m saying is that people now know of us as a rock group. Some people. Nobody I know.

    Goddamned Pent-up-boy.

  40. Sorry. (A little…)

  41. FUSP

    We’ve been getting slammed by Russian spam, apparently. We had 14 spams in the filter this morn. At least the filter seems to be catching them all.

    Anybody hear my new(er) version of 104 Degrees? It’s clear moog.

  42. It’s good to know that the Russians even know of us…

  43. “Yeah, I heard it. Quite good, man. You deliver the goods once again.”

    “Aw, thanks, man. I worked pretty hard on it.”

    “No problem. I can’t wait to add my own tracks.”

  44. I thought I was supposed to be the woman in this band?

  45. choppernewt Says:

    It’s on my player, I haven’t listened to it yet.

  46. choppernewt Says:

    OK, I listened just now.

    Dang, I like that! We should keep your vocal, too, for some variety. I can add backing vox. It’ll be like when Keef Riff Hard takes the mic for his one turn on each Stones record.

  47. Thanks. I’s being tryin’ to tells you it wuz good! I mean for me singing and all. And Pent’s lyrics are excellent. Really. “Don’t leave your e-mail, just in case. You’re off the friends’ list on myspace.” Good stuff.

    I think there are some flacs of an older version of this (sans vocals) on the uploader, but I can put up a single flac of this combining my vox and guitars so you guys can add bass, backing vocals and percussion at your leisure.

  48. And Pent: I’m just giving you some competition.

  49. 1) I have no competition. I’m in a class by myself

    2) Radio Indie just posted 202330
    It had 10 listens before I even found out…so that’s cool.
    However, they posted it with ZERO stars.

    3) Radio Indie sent me an email.
    They wanted to post Way Back but the upload was corrupted
    and they only got about half the song. They asked that I
    email it directly. I did.

  50. Wow. We rock, dudes. When does a record label want to sign us?

    In Yellow Springs yesterday I played a used Line 6 Spider digital amplifier at my friend Mark’s shop. He’s only asking $200 for it, so I came close to slapping down the cash–but really I can’t come up with a good reason to buy an amp, yet. If I get a chance to play out, I’ll get an amp. This one was great, though–2 10″ speakers, lots of sounds. Loud as hell. Still, a digital amp has no mojo.

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