Block Party on Electrical Language Podcast #161

Great news! Our friend Gabor from over in the UK has graciously played our song Block Party. Electrical Language #161, posted on his new WordPress site on Saturday, February 28th. What a surprise this particular cast is, with many treats, considering it’s somewhat shorter than his normal cast.

The cast kicks off with a song I am crazy about, Tell Me No Lies by Seven Nation Army. This song had me bobbing my head by the first verse. Then he goes into a great story about a Polish (maybe?) scofflaw. Lots of other interesting and diverse music. A lot more upbeat music than I usually hear on Gabor’s show. Which is ironic as the song he plays this week is our down-tempo, epic about loss and the misery that accompanies it. He also compares us to REM, which is a great compliment.

Keep up with Gabor and the Electrical Language every week at his new WordPress site:

Download Electrical Language #161 at:

Gabor…you are the best!

Sir Pent


20 Responses to “Block Party on Electrical Language Podcast #161”

  1. I also need to update our link to his site and add this episode to the band resume. Doing now.

  2. Wow. He says he really enjoys our guitar playing, too. I feel so affirmed.

  3. Yeah…but if you listen between the lines, you can see that what he REALLY means is that you have a great drummer.

  4. Maybe he’s just talking about Chopper’s feedback guitar…

  5. Hopefully Chopper won’t mind that I contacted Gabor. It was kinda “his” connection.

  6. choppernewt Says:

    No, that’s OK, it was great to be on the show again. Nice compliments. Gabor has definitely been a great friend to the band.

  7. That’s good, cuz I didn’t really care if you minded or not.

  8. You say that, but of course we know you were shaking in your boots. Wuss.

  9. He withholds his “affection” when he’s angry.

  10. For the fun of it I created an account for us at:

    The site does a couple of podcasts…one of it’s “Top 10 Weekly Songs” and one of webmaster picks.

  11. Good work, Pent. Now go play some drums.

  12. Tried a couple of things today but I just can’t think of anything good (yet) for 104 Degrees.
    Not having a good chest weekend. I was rough-housing with my boy this weekend and he kicked me in the chest. Right on the spot. Oh man did it hurt and oh man am I in pain.

  13. Ha ha! Your boy kicked you in the chest? Good job, junior.

    104: Think 4/4 punk with some jazzy off-beat snare hits?

    So, you don’t really need a new drum set. You need a new chest.

  14. It’s that musical break/drum-roll back into the music section. I’m not crazy about the drum-machine thing but I can’t think of anything better.

  15. Yeah, I’m not crazy about what I put together with the drum loops, either. It worked for timing, but it’s not very interesting. I was thinking of drums that followed or mirrored the little descending guitar riff quite closely–far more closely than the drum roll I found to use. (that simple guitar riff is cooler than it seems, too: the clean guitar plays a Dmaj7 and then there are some descending notes, but the overdriven guitar harmonizes, not copies that line.)

    I could try to program something like what I had in mind on the drum machine, but I almost never use the drum machine, just prerecorded “professional” drum loops. Programming the drum machine is laborious and still never sounds very convincing. You’ll figure out something.

    I looked up a Vox AC30 amp, which I’ve decided should be my sound maker of choice, but the damn things are VERY expensive: like $1600. So forget that dream for a while. Vox has a solid state digital modeling amp that can mimic the sound of the AC30 for about a fifth of the price…. Probably makes more sense. But solid state has no mojo.

  16. Alright…I just checked the RadioIndie website and they posted Just A Girl this morning.
    I assumed they were going to do Way Back (Mr. Peabody) since they had asked for it…but hey, it’s all good!

  17. choppernewt Says:

    I love that someone found the site in a search for Jay and the Americans.

  18. choppernewt Says:

    Also, we should be about ready for a map update in the next couple of days by my calculation. The excitement is electric.

  19. We still haven’t reached Iceland. Until then, we can’t really say we have a world wide rock reputation.

    Damn, I am STILL on hold with US Airways. One phone battery died and I had to start over with another one.

  20. @ chopper: and you said you didn’t like this particular Steely Dan posting.
    I wonder how that searcher felt when they read that little bit of information?

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