New U2 – $3.99 Download at Amazon (Dead)

This ain’t a consumer blog, but given certain band members love of U2’s sound, it seems relevant.

Now, of course not everybody can afford to give it away for free like us Lizards.  U2, for instance, likely has mortgages and Ferarri’s and whatnot that have to be paid for.

But I have to give it up for Amazon today, offering to let you DL the new U2 album, “No Line On The Horizon” for $3.99.  That’s pretty darn cheap for a highly anticipated new album on release day, no?  (And a small price to pay to avoid the nagging guilt of stealing).

I’m listening to it right now – so far, very very nice.  Compared to the last two releases, sounds like more artistic endeavor, less nostalgia trip.  Just a first impression, but since it’s so cheap, why don’t you see for yourself?

Don’t know how long this will last, I’ll try and update when the deal’s dead, so you might want to jump on it.

EDIT:  Yeah, this deal is done now.


18 Responses to “New U2 – $3.99 Download at Amazon (Dead)”

  1. I don’t really like U2, that’s why…

    They peaked with Discotheque on the POP album.

    • choppernewt Says:

      Fair enough.

      The idea that Discotheque was the peak of U2’s output is not one that I’ve heard expressed before. Fascinating. Some would counter that “Bad” from The Unforgettable Fire is superior. And by “superior”, I mean “superior to pretty much everything else in the world ever”.

  2. There is a song by U2 that I really like…but I am reluctant to reveal what it is. It’s one of their more “pop-ish” songs and I fear that, by liking it, I shall be cast as a person that only likes ‘radio-cuts’ of bands.
    (The theory being that REAL music aficionados love ALL of a bands work…especially the non-radio cuts…especially for a band as critically acclaimed as U2.)

  3. That was sarcasm. I am aware enough to know that the POP album is not considered their artistic triumph.
    I get great pleasure out of that album since U2 was (up until that point) somewhat pompous about their artistic integrity…

    • choppernewt Says:

      Pop was OK as a sort of meta- statement about the band, I just don’t like to listen to it. Unlike a lot of hipsters I don’t like Zooropa either. Their last two studio albums are OK, they just seemed to be a kind of reset – like they were all “Hey, just kidding with that giant lemon, we’re still really stuck-up like we used to be!” This, on second listen, has some really good stuff.

  4. Whom are you mocking for liking the old U2 sound? Me or Chops? Or both?

    I grew weary of U2 when they became too pop, I must admit. I was sort of ok with Achtung Baby, but I haven’t bought an album by them since.

    I have to agree with Chopper, too: “Bad” was their peak. Nothing ever done by U2 was better than that, although I was also a huge fan of the Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum, especially “All I Want Is You,” which comes close to “Bad,” as does “I need your love,” although the Gospel singers at the end ruin it.

    I heard the new album last Friday while having coffee at an unnamed coffee shop in Yellow Springs. They had a bootleg already. It was ok, but I wasn’t so impressed I thought I had to go buy the album immediately–although for $3.99, I might. The Edge trying desperately to do Jimmy Page style riffs so he can be relevant again in this age of vintage sounds just doesn’t hook me, however.

    More importantly, Rush has a new album coming out like today, too!

    • choppernewt Says:

      Quick check reveals the Rush release today is a retrospective of their output ’89 to present. To quote Euripides, “BLORF”.

  5. I have Retrospective II, but only because I didn’t have all my old tapes on digital. Don’t know if I care about any Rush after 2112, really. Maybe if they did a new concept album….

  6. I had Rush on vinyl (2112 & Moving Pictures) and one of their live albums on cassette.
    I never bought anything on CD or MP3 as I have been waiting for a really good, career spanning greatest. They keep publishing things that overlap, so I never purchased.
    I suppose with iTunes I could create my own “hits” album for them…but that seems too much like effort.

  7. Indeed.

    I just went to Amazon and was pleased to note that the mp3s are 256kbps, so at least they sound… pretty good. But even for $3.99 I couldn’t quite get myself to buy the new U2. Just can’t get into it.

    After a week listening to old Rush I can’t listen to them anymore either. I must be in a bad mood.

  8. Good news. It looks like my constant bombardment of requests to Africa have netted some results.
    Also, to make Matthew happy, I was able to find TWO podcasts (not just two MUSIC podcasts…just TWO podcasts) out of Iceland. It just so happens that they both have musical content. I submitted our stuff to them but have yet to hear anything back.

    NOTE: I know that I am not supposed to mention potential podcasts prior to getting played, but I thought it was interesting that through my normal methods I was only able to find two podcasts coming out of that country.

  9. Goddamn! We’re being played in Algeria and Pakistan!

  10. That’s right. World domination in 437 easy steps…

  11. Get us a gig in Vegas while you’re out there, Pent-boy. I need an excuse.

    We’re certainly better than U2 is nowadays. Maybe we should play a roof somewhere.

  12. It’s funny, I just realized it was in fact Chopper who wrote this post. I didn’t look closely at the author, and the seeming mockery of band members who like the U2 sound made me assume it was Pent who wrote it. Anyway, I always assumed Chopper was a U2 fan.

    Am I, then, the “certain” band member who loves (loved) the U2 sound? I just dig that old trebly shimmering Edge guitar thingy.

    Speaking of guitar tones, I compared my two guitars last eve, playing them with the exact same set up (the AC30 Top boost sim, in fact), and was amazed at the difference: I thought I preferred the tele deluxe’s rich humbucker sound, but now I prefer the Esquire. Its uber-bright bite is remarkable and there’s a far greater range of tone in it. If only that buzz didn’t go along with it.

  13. choppernewt Says:

    Yeah, I was referring to your Edge guitar sound fetish. I didn’t mean to imply that I was not a U2 acolyte – I’ve got all their stuff since Unforgettable Fire. Also, Gecko, you’re missing the boat on this one in my opinion, although the closest analog in their catalog that it’s reminding me of right now is Achtung Baby, so if you’re lukewarm on that one you might not like this as much as me. That being said, that FEZ song sounds to me like a great UF outtake put through their 90’s sensibilities, and nothing in their last few records has brought UF to mind. Made me switch over to listen to UF last night!

  14. I don’t quite have an Edge guitar tone/style fetish–I’m not running out to buy their stuff!

    I do like the trebly, delayed, surging tone he uses, but I’m also partial to fuzzy, overdriven, bluesy tones. Recently I’m quite into vintage wobbly amplitude modulation, too. Whatever that effect is called.

    The new song I’m composing uses some crazy analog modulation delay, though–but run through a Fender amp sim with lots of phase modulation. Very indie rock, not U2.

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