Giant Robot & 202330 on Orion’s Indie Podcast #28

This week finds a double helping of Lizards From Afar on the Orion Indie Podcast episode #28. Not only do we lead off the show, we are lucky enough to get two songs on the show. We start off with Giant Robot and slam right into 202330. Our powerhouse combo that will someday lead off our planned album.

Joseph is a graphic designer (something close to my heart) and he does this podcast to support we, the indie artists of the world. He’s done a great job this week. I love a nice, eclectic mix of music and Orion’s provides that. I’m quite fond of the last song in the show, Telekenesis.

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Thanks Joseph,
Sir Pent


9 Responses to “Giant Robot & 202330 on Orion’s Indie Podcast #28”

  1. Nice to come home from losing in Vegas to some good news…

  2. choppernewt Says:


  3. Good work, Sir Loser.

    BTW, your Cuttlefish CDs are in the mail.

  4. I mean Sir Pent.

  5. Awesome. I am excited to listen to it.
    Maybe I’ll count my tax refund whilst listening to it…

  6. Tax refund? You should use that either to buy the new drums, or give it to me so I don’t have to empty my bank account to pay my taxes.

    The Cuttlefish CD does, indeed, sound great. I have a new appreciation for them now. I particularly like the final song, Brown Paper. Awesome tune.

  7. Maybe I will Matt…maybe I will…

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