Way Back (Mr. Peabody) on The Best Radio You Have Never Heard Podcast

Lizards From Afar have been played on a lot of podcasts over the past year. All over the country and all around the world. However, in all this time we’ve never been featured on a podcast from our home state of Illinois. Well today that finally changes.

After many weeks of pestering and harassing Perry, he finally let us have a spot on his show. Way Back (Mr. Peabody) gets a spin on The Best Radio You Have Never Heard Podcast Vol. 106. The show this week is titled Crime Of The Century. There we are, right alongside such greats as Supertramp, Zappa, The Cure and Aerosmith.

To listen to Volume 106 directly, go here:

To check out the home page, go here:

Perry…you did the right thing by playing us. Admit it.

Sir Pent
Drummer and relentless promoter of Lizards From Afar


8 Responses to “Way Back (Mr. Peabody) on The Best Radio You Have Never Heard Podcast”

  1. Perry also has some new stuff going on over at Facebook. I’m going to hop on over there now.

  2. Good news.

  3. choppernewt Says:

    Now that is an excellent Steely Dan entry. Bravo.

  4. @Matt- Perry is actually a pretty cool guy. He gave me a ration of crap for hitting him up for a spin. Then we parlayed jabs back and forth via email for a few weeks.

    @Choppernewt- Thank you…but the last version had the same amount of truth and lie. Maybe having the Steely Dan naming reference was a little too “common knowledge”. I really thought Ivan would get into the Steely Dan Fun Fact game.

    Speaking of Gator…has anyone heard from him lately?

  5. I was just noticing that since I changed the name of “Band Resume” to “Band Resume (AKA Podcasts that have played our music)”, that page has gotten about 10 hits.

    Maybe “Band Resume” ISN’T the right term…

  6. Heard from Gator? Not directly. He was in Arizona or something on one of those mystical zen retreats… ya, know, taking peyote and meeting Carlos Casteneda. Stuff like that.

  7. When did you change the Band Resume page name? I hadn’t even noticed.

  8. Within the last couple of days.
    I changed and moved a few things around to “spotlight” some stuff and to try and raise awareness of other stuff.

    I was looking at the Band Resume page…marveling at how many podcasts we had managed to get plays on and thinking, “Why isn’t anyone ever looking at this page? It’s kind of impressive.”

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