The Horse You Rode In On

It’s been a coon’s age since we’ve released any new LFA music, so here’s a little ditty Sir Pent and I cooked up some time ago but never got around to finishing, until now. In between my normal work–today it is grading exams–I took time for a beer and a little session of mastering. I even had to pick up the guitar to add a twangy track I had originally left blank for our esteemed Newt who has been busy doing… something or other. I don’t know what.

Sir Pent apparently digs country music–who knew? He sent me this lyric months ago and I took up the challenge to compose a bit of, well, I suppose it’s country rock. Once the music was done, I handed the tracks to Pent-boy, who added his drumming and, er, crooning. It’s alt-Lizard_country, I suppose. An LFA B-side. And it turned out pretty well, I think.

So mosey on over to our Reverbnation page where you’ll also find the tune. Go ahead and download it, too, pardner. It’s free, as always.

Lizards%20From%20Afar<–click here!Quantcast

17 Responses to “The Horse You Rode In On”

  1. I ought to add for other Lizards: I used that site to host the song and call up the wordpress audio player. Could be a solution….?

  2. I thought about doin’ similar…but it doesn’t track plays like the reverbnation widget.

  3. That’s true. But there’s no news about the RN widget ever working on WP. Oh, well.

    So, Horse sounds pretty good, no? I really got my bass line thumping and a twangy solo, too. And you sound like a total redneck. Awesome.

  4. It would be better if we could get Chopper to do some better “backing” vocals and lose that crappy track of mine. I just don’t have his skills in trying to figure out how to arrange, control and put together something like that.

  5. Well, duh.

  6. To be fair, it isn’t that bad, though. You’re just not used to hearing yourself. At least you stand up and belt it out. You do stand up, right? One thing I figured out all by myself just recently was to stand up while attempting to sing. I don’t know why, but the end product is better–I suppose it has something to do with helping to open up the chest and diaphram to more air flow.

  7. I mostly don’t like the backing vocals…but based on what I’ve heard so far I actually think I could do a “better” job on the lead.
    I do stand up to sing.
    I’ve also heard that lying flat on your back to sing is good too…but I don’t have a boom-stand that I could hang a mic from to test that out.

  8. Well, re-record it. I tried this song a few times, but couldn’t come up with anything I liked.

    Forgot to mention earlier, I read a Rolling Stone article about U2’s new album–it turns out the drummer, Mullen, actually used an electronic drum set for some of the songs. So, I guess you’re in pretty good company.

  9. And speaking of drums…they were delivered today. Will unpack this weekend. I have to dismantle the old set first before assembling the new. Too much stuff tonight and tomorrow is the “music program” at school.
    Most likely Saturday.

  10. Just heard these guys. Pretty good.

    Watch the video “Pillar of Salt.” That’s the song that inspired the music I’m working on for “Dance Theodora.” I want to do something bouncy like that.

  11. I’m not sure how Dance Theodora fits into that style. I pictured it as more of a Aerosmith-y bluesy/rock/shuffle. (Think Same Old Story, Same Old Song And Dance.)

    But hey…if you have a good idea and it sounds cool, I’m up for it.

  12. Glad you found the Thermals. Fuckin’ A is an excellent album for driving to, dancing to, and beating the hell out of your liver to.

  13. When I was reading “…beat the hell out of…” I thought you were going to go much darker there.

  14. Pent always thinks of the darker side…

    I don’t think I can do an Aerosmith-y song. At least not right now. Maybe Led Zeppelin. But after “Outside” I need to do something fast and quick.

    Like good sex?

    And you say “If it sounds cool?” If? Dude, am I the Gecko or not?

  15. And I must add: “Gator! Welcome back!”

  16. You’re the Gecko alright.

  17. Right.

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