Poster Child on TVA Podcast #117

Here’s one that we are pretty late to posting about. Released on 3/10/09, it’s episode #117 of the TVA podcast. TVA is a comedy-centric podcast hosted by Todd Van Allen. Todd is a comedian, writer and VO artist out of Canada. As always with Todd is Darcy and the show features in-house guest Cal Post.

This is an unusual podcast for Lizards From Afar to be on. Usually we are on music, and specifically indie-music, shows. The TVA podcast is a show that discusses current events (from a comedic point of view), comedy and life. Also, the whiskey apparently flows freely.

Download the podcast directly here:

Check out the Hey! It’s TVA website here:

Thanks Todd and crew.
Sir Pent


8 Responses to “Poster Child on TVA Podcast #117”

  1. There is nothing said about Poster Child during the podcast and is played to close out the show. But finally, we break into Canada.

  2. Great! Our popularity grows and grows. I’m wondering again if and when we ought to submit to some indie record labels….

  3. Did we thank him for playing our song yet, btw?

  4. It was truly a pleasure to use the song in the podcast. Great stuff!

    Glad I could do my part to get you over the border.

    • choppernewt Says:

      Yeah, thanks Todd – funny stuff on the podcast too. I’m hooked on podcasts that are basically just funny people bullshitting in front of a mike, and you guys did not disappoint. Unless the whole thing was some sort of scripted meta-commentary, in which case I totally got it and agree with whatever postmodern societal commentary you were making. Either way, you’re aces for playing our song!

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