Way Back (Mr. Peabody) on DarkCompass #356

Here is nice surprise to find on a Saturday morning. Our good friend Rowley at the DarkCompass podcast has given us another spin on episode #356: Sirens and Dreams. Way Back (Mr. Peabody) marks our fourth play on DarkCompass. I love the DarkCompass show. The music is all over the place in the best kind of way.

This week Gator was able to provide the promised dream analysis of the dream Rowley mentioned in episode #352. Gator was able to interpret some good luck for Rowley’s future while managing to sneak in a plug for the band. Good work. (It’s nice to see someone else in the group shamelessly promoting the group.)

Listen to the podcast directly here:

Check out the website anytime here:

As always Rowley…many many thanks,
Sir Pent


44 Responses to “Way Back (Mr. Peabody) on DarkCompass #356”

  1. 4 plays on one show. I love Rowley.

  2. hiiiiii

  3. Ooh, I’ll have to listen to this one soon.

  4. I’m also quite looking forward to hearing Sir Pent rocking away on his new drum kit…. I’ve played this set before in music stores and it does, indeed, sound awesome.

  5. Rowley’s awesome. Darkcompass, too.

  6. I was wrong earlier in the week. Only the rack system had shown up. Two days ago the “brain” showed up. Yesterday the pads showed up and today my drum throne arrived.
    1) Gotta love UPS
    2) YES… I have a real drum throne now!

  7. Great news, Pent-boy. Give us a drum solo.

  8. The goal is to put it together today after:
    – Laundry
    – Elwyn’s pre-K cooking class
    – Elwyn’s skating birthday party with his Catholic school “big kid friend”

  9. Ha ha ha!

    Pre-K cooking class? Gimme a break.

    Spent my day taking a jog (daughter in the jogging stroller), then food shopping, then hanging out at the park–I read “On the Beach” by Nevile Shute while my daughter played. Wife worked on her book manuscript. No pre-k anything, and especially no Catholic school anything. Whew. I even played acoustic guitar–worked on your Theodora song!

  10. OK…the new set is mostly set up. Got to get used to it. Played it a little bit.

    One disappointment. Even though it comes with TWO crash cymbals…there is only a line-in on the brain for ONE. If you want to have the TWO cymbals you have to buy a special kind of line splitter. So I will need to figure that out tomorrow.

  11. OK…I just went on a forum (much faster and easier than reading the manual) and learned that the second crash cymbal gets “daisy chained” into an extra port on the bass drum unit.
    I’ll try it in the morning.

  12. Does it have two crashes and a ride? Double bass pedal, too?

  13. two crashes, one ride and yes…I can hook up my double-bass pedal if I could find it. (I think it’s in the attic…but my wife just told me about an entire morning of shopping that I was unaware was happening.)

  14. Oh, bother.

    At some point we have to jam in the same room again, you know. I’ll buy an amp by next year and drive up to Bloomington. We’ll just show up at Newt’s house.

    You’ll have to get an amp for your drums.

  15. two stores has now turned into four. We haven’t started yet and I’m cranky already.
    I have a little bass amp that I use when I want to play loudly. If that’s not enough, I have the old LFA PA system and 16 channel mixing board.

  16. choppernewt Says:

    I don’t have any amp, and if you guys show up at my house with amps I will not open the door.

  17. Party pooper. We’ll just set up in the yard, run an extension cord from your outside outlet and rock like hell until the neighbors call the cops or show up with beer.

  18. 16 channel mixing board, huh? That ought to help…

    And Chopper, I recall something you once said to me, which I must now turn back upon you: “Chopper, why do you hate fun?”

  19. both crash cymbals working.
    plan is to record some different voices and let the two of you decide which I should use for recording.

  20. Just play a “real” set, without stupid noises…. he he.

  21. But you don’t understand…this NEW set has so many MORE stupid noises than the old one!!

    Right now there are 3 “voices” that I like the sound of for recording. I want to send those to you and Choops and have you guys decide which one sounds best and works best with your plug-ins.

  22. I’m happy to hear them, but I don’t really think it matters. I’m sure they all sound good–I’ve heard this set and it has top notch samples. The question is what sound do you want to achieve, which ones work best with our musical style(s). Since we have tunes in multiple styles, why not use different voices?

    Of course, I’m always in favor of a raw, punk sound….

    I’d recommend actually doing a track to a song, say IKAG, in a few voices, if you want, and send them. I can plug each one in to the song to see how they sound.

  23. I’m really into a voice called “Room Kit” which, IMO, really sounds like someone set up a drumset in a room and mic’d it.
    They also have one called “studio”, which is also very good but is also very clean sounding.

    • choppernewt Says:

      That sounds like a winner maybe. If I can get a more natural sound for a starting point, it seems like I can go in more interesting directions with the effects and treatment. Studio, not so much. Too clean is kind of the problem with the previous sound.

  24. I concur, sir.

    Too clean would allow the most manipulation of the sound, but, then again, it won’t sound all punk and no-fi garagista….

  25. I will try to get a minute of drumming in the email so that you guys can hear and decide.

  26. Hmm. I listened. They aren’t very loud, but I jacked up the volume and tried to decide: I’d say I liked voice number 2 better. Number 3 is good, but the bass drum is a bit too flabby for my tastes. Number 1 is bit boring in general. Number 2 has a nice sound, except possibly the snare is a little weak. But overall, I like that one best.

    Which one did I pick and what do I win?

  27. I can turn up the volume.
    The voices are 11, 12, & 33.
    11= studio
    12= dry (whatever that means)
    33= room kit

    I thought the last one as maybe that bass drum sound would blend in with music and have a fuller sound.

    There’s also a jazz voice where the drums sound pretty good…but I don’t like the cymbal sounds on that one as much.

    The cymbals sound a lot more realistic I think.

  28. Overall, the drums sound pretty good. The room kit is good, and perhaps that flabby bass drum would sound ok with the rest of the music, as you say. Do a song and let me plug it in and see…

    I’d suppose “dry” means there’s no EQ or ambient reverb or anything added. It’s totally dry, effect or processing wise. The studio voice had no oomph, though. Is there really no punk voice? Crazy. Can’t you pick out a specific Yamaha drum set, as in the type of wood, etc.? I’d say set up a good set and play it more or less dry. We can process the sound, I suppose.

  29. There are several voices that supposedly different woods. Maple, etc.
    If I can manage to not work 3 hours of overtime this week (and am not in dire pain), I will try to record IKAG using the dry drums…and crank up the volume obviously.

    • Also, I forgot to mention that Radio Indie added WAY BACK (MR. PEABODY) on 3/17/09 but I didn’t find it until today.
      It had already gotten 40 plays and 12 votes.

  30. That’s nice. No comments about it, though.

    I noticed that somebody found us with a search “snatch the pebble from my hand.” I wonder how they came up with that line: did they hear a snippet of Kung Fu Lover, does that line appear in a film somewhere, or was this like the infinite number of monkeys typing away on a keyboard?

    • choppernewt Says:

      SP will correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the line originated in a movie or something.

  31. Oh, and I don’t think you’d need to turn the volume up too much on the drums–don’t want any peaking. Newt might say leave it as low as it is; I’d say a little bit hotter, but not much.

  32. Snatch The Pebble From My Hand!!!

    Didn’t you guys ever watch the old TV show KUNG FU with David Carradine?
    The Shaolin monk, Master Po, told him that he would be ready when he could snatch the pebble from his hand?

    Geez. I hate you guys.

  33. I remember the show, but perhaps not well enough to remember specific lines from it. I used to watch it after school when I was in grade school. I only remember the Shaolin master called Carradine “Grasshopper,” right?

    Figured out some music for Dance Theodora, but not happy with it yet. It ain’t punk enough….

    Get me some drums for IKAG, 104 Degrees, and Outside, Comrade. I want to release them with your new fangled hi-end drums. Want to contribute, Newt, or are you still on an indefinite hiatus?

  34. I’m trying to play a little bit and get used to the new set before I record anything. Quite a bit different than the old set.
    My goal is to try and have IKAG before the end of this coming weekend.

    PS-If you keep pestering Oppercha Ewtna about playing, it’s only going to annoy him and make him not participate.

    • choppernewt Says:

      My working or not working on this stuff has nothing to do with whether I’m being hounded about it. Say whatever you want. I thought we had put that to bed.

  35. No, I don’t go for that philosophy. What is he, a prince or something? I don’t walk on eggshells around anybody.

    I would have thought the new set would be so advanced over the old you’d be doing 150mph immediately. It’s like going from a Gremlin to a Bugatti.

  36. So did I. If you don’t want to do something, I assume you’ll say so. I never thought of Chopper Newt as a weak or thin skinned reptile. Of course, I wouldn’t say I was “hounding” anybody. Asking more like.

    Incidentally, since I got back to Brooklyn early today I took the opportunity to scream out the vocals to my new version of Whoops Democracy! In tribute to the Newt, I tried to copy his original rendition as closely as I could manage (but, of course, it just isn’t the same…). I also did backing vocals to Pent’s “Horse” (and they sound pretty good), and did a new and improved vocal track to IKAG, although I’ll hold that back until I’ve heard Pent’s rendition–he says he has a good idea.

  37. How did he figure out we were talking about him? I used special code and everything!

    As far as going 150MPH on the new set…it’s not that simple. I had kind of trained myself to play in a specific way to compensate for the old set: rigid hi-hat, rigid cymbals…things are in slightly different positions than the old set. I’m not saying it’s going to take forever, I just need a few days/hours to get used to the new set-up and hopefully it will start locking in.

    The hi-hat is turning out to be the hardest thing to get used to, but I was expecting that.

  38. That _was_ mighty clever of him.

  39. Truly out of character for him to be clever, too.

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