To Sell Or Not To Sell, Aye

I’m thinking seriously about selling my Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster. The big question, though, is should I leave the MIM Fender neck on it, or “harvest” that neck for my MIA Fender Esquire, which currently sports the old Squier neck, and put the Squier neck back on the Squier….

Perhaps the real question is why did I ever put the guitars together this way?


56 Responses to “To Sell Or Not To Sell, Aye”

  1. Keep all of them. You’ll only regret it later.

  2. Probably I’ll regret it if I keep both and regret it if I get rid of one. The Squier is a limited edition model which has already gone up in value, but since it’s a Squier it will never go too far up in value. The only things “wrong” with it are generally poor quality control (like stripped wood screws) and really piss poor pots (e.g., if I turn the rear PU volume pot down to 2 it starts to hum loudly for some reason), but I _could_ replace those pretty cheaply. And it’s made from Agathis, which some say is a poor wood for tone, but I’m growing increasingly convinced that the wood issue is BS on an electric guitar. You could probably make a guitar out of plywood, so long as the electronics are good.

    But things are getting quite tight financially. Quite tight. I could use the dough. With the MIM neck I could probably ask about $350 for this guitar, I think.

  3. Does the Missus know of the hand-made guitar yet?

  4. Shhh!

    I joke; she knows about it.

  5. choppernewt Says:

    I’d sell one of mine if either one were worth a damn. Don’t really need two. Selling stuff, though, is a pain in the ass. I learned that from a famous Zig Ziglar seminar tape loaned to me by a former co-worker. The title of the seminar was “Selling Stuff Is A Pain In The Ass!” It changed my life.

  6. Matt, have you considered selling your blood?

  7. I’d probably take to my friend Mark’s shop and sell it on consignment. And I beg to differ, Newt, your weird green MIJ Tele is probably worth something. The old Ibanez is also probably worth more than when you bought it. The cool thing about guitars these days is that cosmetic damage might even add to its value, just so long as everything works. My ugly pink Ibanez is going for over $1000 on ebay these days. And I bought it for only about $500.

    Maybe I can sell other bodily fluids, too!

    I might exchange the necks whatever else I do with these guitars–the MIM fender neck will up the value of the Esquire considerably.

    • choppernewt Says:

      I thought you were going to disagree with the assertion that selling is a pain in the ass, in which case I was going to suggest you apply for a job they were pushing me to do here.

  8. Sorry that we didn’t fall into your carefully planned out repartee.

  9. Yeah, I guess we just aren’t clever.

    And, no, I don’t want to work on the Farm in Illinois. I prefer Brooklyn.

    Do you guys realize this is the mecca of indie music right now? Of course, do I go see indie music while I’m here? No. And I’ll be back in Ohio all next year. Ye godz! Please save me from Ohio.

    Speaking of Ohio, my goddamned flight was canceled, so I’m in Brooklyn right now. I wouldn’t complain, but now I have to catch an early morning flight, and I’d really prefer to sleep in. Also my daughter will be very disappointed.

  10. The cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon…

  11. Oh, STFUSP.

  12. Speaking of local Brooklyn groups, has either of you (or anyone else reading this blog) heard the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

    If not, then go listen… for your own sake!

    • choppernewt Says:

      I have their last cd, not the new one yet. I like them a lot. Karen O reminds me of Siouxie, except with a pulse.

  13. I just saw the video for “Zero.” Very good song. Makes NYC seem like Blade Runner. Definitely buying this CD. Think I have to get Fever To Tell, too. I’ve been meaning to listen to them for a while. Now I think I have a new favorite band.

    Her singing is remarkable, and so are the guitars and drums.

  14. I find them to be contrived and self-indulgent.

    • choppernewt Says:

      I’ve found that SP and Bullfrog tend to view anyone who doesn’t wear a clown suit as “self-indulgent”.

      • choppernewt Says:

        Thus their general view of me. And presumably you too, Gecko. A running gag on 30 Rock last night involved point of view shots through some of the characters’ eyes – the dopey page saw everyone as muppets, etc. If we could see through SP’s eyes, you and I would be wearing black turtlenecks, sipping double espressos and smoking those long brown European cigs, talking about Sartre in affected accents. Refute me, SP, I dare you.

  15. SP keeps us honest, at least. Next time we play live, we’ll dress in black turtlenecks and Pent-boy will wear his clown suit.

    Their music is definitely “art-punk” if that is a term, but I still quite like it. I really dig the 80’s new wave vibe, especially since they mix it with some righteously good musicianship.

    Speaking of art-punk, I took my Thursday night reprieve to record the guitar sections to “Dance Theodora,” and I’ll go ahead and admit that it is also righteously good: very heavy guitars, but with a good pop-punk rhythm. Also, and this is what makes it “art-punk,” I suppose, the break down switches from A major to A Byzantine and I play a weird solo using the Byzantine scale…. seeing as how the song is about, you know, Empress Theodora.

    I also recorded with the Esquire and I realized that, except for the hum, it sounds just as good on high gain settings as the double humbucker telecaster, maybe better–so, I actually could sell the tele and not lose much.

    • choppernewt Says:

      Loose=lose. Burn, grammar dude.

      I note with interest the lack of retort from SP, and have independently confirmed with Bullfrog via phone that my assessment is true from his perspective.

  16. Oy veh. Lose. I plead extreme lack of sleep. I haven’t had a wink in at least a week.

    Regarding, SP, indeed. Now pass me the long cigarettes, my dear fellow. I’m busy reading Huis-clos. You know, Hell is other people.

  17. I’m sorry I did not study THE-A-TER or FREUNCH HISTORY…I shall return to the rickety shack from which I sprang and put on a Roger Miller record album.

  18. Ha ha. You crack me up, Pent-boy.

    Just wait until you hear Dance Theodora, dude. You will fall on your knees and thank me for being your fellow Lizard from Afar. Of course, we must temper the thanks with the fact that I have to sing it, too, since someone (I’m not naming any names) who actually knows how to sing is doing …. something else. Correcting the grammar of his betters (i.e., me), I suppose.

    But all this singing on my part is good practice. I think I’m actually improving!

  19. Wait until you hear IKAG. I’m gonna jack-slap that b!tch in the nuts and lay down a groove strong enough for a man but made for a tougher man!

  20. Ooh. I’m ready for it!

  21. Forgot to mention: the (perhaps) final version of “Horse” is on RN, down at the bottom. The newest version is mixed just like Pent-boy likes it (drums not too loud), and has I, the Gecko, singing backup (I also did the country hoot at the finale) and playing all three guitar solos. Cool.

  22. I too miss Herne.

    And South America is going off hizzy.

  23. Color me impressed.

  24. I miss Herne too.


  25. The Return of Herne!

    Matty…I uploaded some files for IKAG.

  26. Welcome back, Herne.

    We need a new post, but with actual LFA news. I only added this one because I was tired of the last one.

  27. For the life of me I can’t figure out why you don’t use flac format for your wav files, Pent. Must take forget to upload all those uncompressed files.

  28. Mat meant to say “forever” but he forgot.

  29. I don’t use flac format because I always forever to save them out that way.

    • choppernewt Says:

      You don’t save them that way. You save as uncompressed PCM just like you already are, then encode them as a flac file afterward. You still have a wav, but now you have a flac too. I will demonstrate when your down here next week, because I don’t think I’m explaining it sufficiently.

  30. Ha. I wonder what was going on with my brain when I typed that? I must have forever my brain forgot.

  31. You always use such great terms, Chops. PCM? Pulse Code Modulation? (I just looked it up, of course).

    I think some DAWs will use flac format internally. I’m pretty sure the Mixcraft people have been working on adding flac support in future releases. I have no idea about Cubase, but since SP is using, presumably, an older release, it seems doubtful it will either recognize nor save PCMs as flacs. Ha, I wonder if I can get any other acronyms in this sentence.

  32. The truth is just that I am too lazy to do so. I need to purchase a converter and have been unwilling to do so. (The free Mac converters I found were all locking up on me, crashing my operating system or weren’t converting the entire file.)

    I apologize if the additional 10 minutes required to download the file are that much of an inconvenience…

    Herne, I know you’re here. Back me up on this.

  33. Indeed. I agree that Sir Pent is lazy.

    (Wait, was that what you meant?)

    I’m going MAC next month, baby!

  34. I need to start thinking about an upgrade. My laptop is going on 6 years old.

  35. I just bought a PowerBook about 2 months ago… then they went and upgraded the iMacs and dropped the prices. The bastards.

    Once I get my tax refund, I’m gettin a 24″ iMac.

  36. I’m using PCU interchangeably as a reference for both a bad movie and, sarcastically, a good movie.

  37. Actually, it’s not the download that is that bad, it’s the upload–but since I’m not doing the upload, I don’t really care.

    My wife listened to Horse yesterday and complimented your singing, SP. She dislikes country music, but had to admit that song is pretty good. Of course, I have to admit that she can’t carry a tune….

  38. While I enjoy singing and wouldn’t mind singing the occasional LFA song…I think I’ll leave the singing to someone who can do so well.

    Or in our case, Chopper.

  39. Ha! Good slam, SP. Jolly Ho!

    What movies have titles that make the acronym PCU?

  40. What Herne is attempting to say in his own inimitable fashion, is that the name of the movie is PCU.
    What I was trying to say was PCU is both a terrible, terrible movie…and yet it also has parts I find funny so I watch it when it is on.

    • choppernewt Says:

      So PCU for you is like Twister for me?

      “Why do y’all call Billy ‘The Extreme’?”

      God I love Twister.

  41. Why say anything when the Internet can say it for you?

  42. What can the Numa Numa guy say FOR you?


  43. All your base are belong to us.

    And your little drums too!

  44. Yeah, I figured it out. Haven’t seen the movie. Nor will I.

  45. You should see it: Jeremy Piven, John Favreau, David Spade and George muthafukkin Clinton!!

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