Mocking Glenn Beck

When I was working in Tallahassee in radio, our talk station played the Glenn Beck show, because as I recall the PD was kind of ordered to – Beck was a rising star from a Clear Channel station, so they wanted him syndicated on other CC stations, whatever.

Anyway, so I didn’t just start to hate him recently when he got on TV, I was already sick of the guy.

Salon has this today, which is a mean thing to do of course (yapping for hours on end, anyone’s going to sound like a moron when you put their endless yammering into verse structure), but since I think Mr. Beck is in point of fact a moron anyway, I laughed.  Best poem is first, the one about the meatball.  I’d enjoy deconstructing that grad-school styleee.  Really, I would.


18 Responses to “Mocking Glenn Beck”

  1. I’m always in favor of mocking Fox “news” and Clear channel. Glenn Beck. Ugh.

    Of course, I’ve grown weary of the opposite “news” on MSNBC. Intolerable, all this ideological genuflection.

    A much better use of one’s time would be listening to the new LFA Demos in the Lizards’ inboxes…

    • choppernewt Says:

      Done. The chances of me successfully playing the bassline of that break are remote. But I do like it. Is there any chance we could make it a touch faster?

      And you’re right about the ideological prisms emerging to replace actual news sources. Salon’s a perfect example of that, too. Just because I agree with them most of the time doesn’t make them any less dogmatic.

  2. Faster? Perhaps you joke sir. But sure, I could do it lots faster. 200bpm? But Pent-boy couldn’t possibly play it any faster.

    As for fast basslines, I played it with the guitar using the pick–much easier to play fast using a pick…. Hey, wait a minute! Are you planning to play … anything?

    I can still listen to NPR most of the time: they are critical, at least. I don’t mind if they are MORE critical of the right wing. I’m all in favor of being intelligently intolerant of ignorance and intolerance.

  3. I do not favor any of the flavors of news as I feel it is all bologna.
    The Masons have successfully split us all into two groups, causing our focus to be placed on defending our designated ideology and distracted from the real evil.

  4. I have a bumper sticker that says, “Cthulhu For President: why vote for the lesser evil?”

  5. Since Ivan hasn’t been posting, I felt I must represent the lunatic fringe for him.

  6. Horse racing? Dog racing?

    Gator has flown the coop, hasn’t he? A remark about the Freemasons and Cthulhu and he doesn’t respond?

  7. @Choppernewt: I think we both know my unique style of picking horses for which to bet on. Studying does NOT fit into the equation.

    @Matt: Why has Gator forsaken us?

    • choppernewt Says:

      Well, yeah, and my thought was that given our success rate with that strategy, we might want to try a new tack.

  8. Wouldn’t you, if you had any alternatives?

  9. or a new track?

  10. I think you need to try a new sack.
    Odds are, if I keep betting in my own inimitable fashion, eventually I’m going to hit something!

  11. Does everyone understand how happy it makes me that we keep getting hits from these two searches:
    – gay chopper
    – gay looking choppers

    Me so happy.

    • choppernewt Says:

      Yeah. I am aware. I wouldn’t have thought that people would spend so much time doing searches for that.

  12. I like to pretend that they are actually searching for you and that those are the terms that they would use to try and find you.

  13. sharethisurlaboutglenbek Says:

    You might enjoy my blog, The Glenn Beck Review.

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