The “We Need A New Post” Post

Yeah, we need a new post like we need a hole in the head.

There’s not a whole lot happening in Lizardom recently, at least on the surface. Below, in the subterranean parts of our realm, new music is always percolating upward, mostly at the initiative of Sir Pent and me. No one but Chopper Newt is sure what is happening with the tracks from our highly anticipated (cue crickets chirping) return “Bloomington Democracy.” Since he (very helpfully) took over all mastering on that venture, he has all the work sitting on his computer, and he is in charge of any final masters and releases. But we all have the demo mp3s on Reverbnation!

Keeping on keeping on, several new songs are working their way down the pipe. These are different and, if I might say, more experimental. Certainly they represent a greater degree of technical proficiency as we become more used to working together again. They also represent a very unusual turn of events as I, the Gecko, take lead vocals on several. My favorite work is an indie ballad written by Sir Pent and composed by me entitled “Outside.” This tune is finished but for Pent’s drumming. I know he’s frightened to perform this song since there are three time signature changes… and I don’t think LFA has ever even tried ONE timing change in a song. I’m hoping he can pull through or I’ll have to release it with drum loops, and that would just be no fun.

We also have an excellent punk tune about Empress Theodora (you remember her, don’t you?), who ruled alongside Justinian back in the 6th century. I was never a fan of Justinian (too damned pious for my tastes, of course), but Theodora was a riot. At any rate, this song rocks, particularly since we switch from A major to A Byzantine in the middle of the song (I mean, we just had to, right?). I also did a lead vocal, but we’re all waiting to see if Newt will condescend to sing it instead, since LFA just isn’t the same without his voice. It’s like Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant.

Next is a jazz punk piece entitled “104 Degrees of Separation,” which might never see the light of day, despite the fact that it is awesome because Pent ignores me every time I request that he record a drum track. He’s like that sometimes.

Most likely the soonest new song to appear will be a short rock ditty a la the Monkees, once again written by Sir Pent, entitled “I Know A Girl.” It’s a disturbing but still pop piece about stalking a girl (what else). And not in the good way. As of now, Pent himself performs lead vocals, doing a convincing, but still disturbing, impersonation of Davy Jones.

Hang in there Lizard Fans. (cue more chirping of crickets.)


15 Responses to “The “We Need A New Post” Post”

  1. I think you need a cleverer title.

    And glitter glue.

  2. Well, I agree with the glitter glue.

  3. New drums recorded and uploaded for IKAG. If the levels work better for our needs I will work on Outside next. Then I’ll work on Dance Theodora.

  4. Lay down a beat for 104 degrees and I’ll give you a lollipop.

  5. Did Herne listen to the country song? I’m sure he’s a country music fan.

  6. Speaking of country, maybe you should do a new drum track for Horse, too, using your handy dandy new kit…

  7. I’m thinking about it. I’ve never been completely satisfied with the drum breaks in that. After listening, they don’t really match the music too well.

    Dance Theodora


    The gods know I don’t ask you for much.

  9. The gods are laughing at you. Surely that is evident.

  10. It’s because the gods have seen him naked.

  11. While naked I’m usually mistaken for a god, so you obviously don’t know whereof you speak. And as soon as I undergo apotheosis, Pent-boy, I shall smite you most mightily with thunderbolts.

  12. Hey Priapus…you were cryin’ for those drums for so long, where’s the latest crack at a mix for IKAG?

  13. FUSP

    I’m cryin’ for nuthin. I can replace you in an instant.

    But, really, I just got back to NYC where I had left my computer so I couldn’t do anything with the new track until now. Will give it a listen again asap. Now, get your ass working on those other songs. And offer me sacrifices, too, now that I’m a god.

    I’ll also upload Theodora sans my vocals if Chopper Newt will let me know if he’s going to give it a go.

  14. OK. I’ve plugged in your new track. It is, I’ll admit, pretty awesome. Much better than the last track. But I don’t quite have a mix ready yet. Will send you one tomorrow afternoon.

  15. Downloaded the Theodora track. Will try to record sometime within the week.

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