Why I Love New York

Taken this evening from the roof of my pad in Dumbo, Brooklyn, where it’s about 68 degrees and perfect. Looking West at the Manhattan Bridge (closest) and Brooklyn Bridge (further away).

16 Responses to “Why I Love New York”

  1. choppernewt Says:

    Wow, gorgeous. If you like, after work I will go on my roof and take a picture of the gas station and the Meineke brake shop.

  2. This is why I don’t want to leave New York, of course. Maybe if I show this picture to my wife she’ll agree to quit her job and move to Brooklyn. We’ll be very poor, but it’ll be worth it.

    I suppose the only thing really holding us back is that I don’t have tenure, so I have no job security, and she does have tenure. Bummer. Of course, it would help if I spent more time doing researching and publishing than playing guitar….

  3. I’ve been trying to get a good picture of the teenage girl’s bedroom across the way from me. What kind of aperture did you use?

  4. I don’t know since I just put it on the “night” setting, set the camera on the edge of the building and hit the button. I used to mess with that stuff in “manual” mode, but it was too much trouble.

    Aperature schmaperature. You’re a geek.

  5. Go check your inboxes, fellow lizard dudes, and let me know if this mix of IKAG will do it.

  6. Leaving work in a few minutes…will listen on the way home!
    *giggles excitedly*

  7. Took several more good photos last night, but didn’t bring the camera to work with me. I’ll post them later.

  8. Forgot to mention: I walked by Madison Square Gardens this morn and noticed that Andrew Bird is performing there. Seems to me that if he can get a gig there, so should we.

  9. Well, I doubt the satisfaction of doing something he loves and being successful at it is hardly worth all the effort that goes into what he does.

  10. No doubt.

    I noticed that we’ve been getting more hits here than usual and it seems to be people searching for “telecaster” and “Ibanez.” All I had to do was mention types of guitars … The searches don’t seem to lead to music listening, however.

    New (and final?) IKAG in fellow Lizards inboxes. Let’s post the damn thing. I can’t do any better with it. Announce it on FB, too. I imagine we can get more listens there than here.

    I also received another message from RN saying we’ve reached our hit limit or something and we’re going to start dropping in the charts unless we get some other outlets. I guess this is the end of our fame.

  11. OK, I posted the tune on RN and announced on FB. But you guys have all the friends, so you’ll have to announce it. Or Pent has all the friends. I’m not sure Chopper has any more friends than I do.

    And you’ll have to do a post here, Pent-boy. It’s your song, after all.

  12. Will try to get a post going tonight.

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