New Song: I Know A Girl

Today marks the release of the latest song from Lizards From Afar called I Know A Girl. We’ve released many songs over the past year, but this one is unique. This song was fully assembled with no performance by Chopper Newt. Why? It’s not because we don’t want our bro-man. He was missed throughout. Chopper has decided to take a hiatus from the lucrative business of home recording. The Gecko and I have decided that, while we support Choppers absention, that doesn’t mean that we have to join him in it.

So we picked a somewhat light & frothy song for our first foray with just the two of us. I Know A Girl is a lyric I wrote a few months ago. Occasionally one of my lyrics easily and clearly communicates the musical intentions. I Know A Girl is one of those. The Gecko quickly heard what I did as I was writing.

The real struggles came after the composition process was complete. First, this is the first recording with my new drumset. Getting the levels right wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped. It took a couple of shots. Next were the vocals. Without Chopper, it came down to either Gecko or myself. We both took a crack at it and, in the end, Gecko’s version bested mine. The last challenge was the final mix-down…a task usually done with great skill by Chopper. I know I irritated the Gecko, but I wanted what I wanted.

So click over on the right side of the page where it says “Click Here To Launch Lizards From Afar Music Player!” and let us know what you think. Extra points to anyone that can tell us what the song is really about!!


66 Responses to “New Song: I Know A Girl”

  1. Matty…do you have a click track for Outside?

  2. i have herad the song in one of my friends house, it sounds pretty good.

  3. I don’t have a click track to Outside, but i can try to create one next week and send it to you. Just try counting it out to yourself.

    • I figured it didn’t hurt to ask. Save my lazy ass some time.

      • It might be very hard to set up your own click track since the song changes time so many times. But the song is slow so you’ll be able to count it out without too much trouble.

  4. I do hope people listen to this tune. Chopper may not be in it, but it still has the LFA sound. I still find myself a little unhappy with the mixing as well as parts of my vocals, but overall the song is good, I think.

  5. It’s not my favorite lyric of all time…but it’s a great little tune!

  6. It’s about cheese. Is it about cheese?! Or maybe beer.

  7. It’s actually about someone very much like Pent-boy (he only writes about himself).

  8. It’s about someone very much like me, but it’s not about cheese? I don’t understand.

    It’s about Pent? It didn’t sound like a sad song…

  9. It’s about a creepy little man (with thick eyebrows) who stalks a young woman who works at a bookstore (obviously).

  10. @Matt – “stalking” is such an ugly word.

    @Herne – Turn ’em on, Turn ’em on, Turn on those sad songs

  11. Any critique from Chopper? Since he’s our expert at mixing, I’d love him to tell me what I’ve done wrong. I did my best, but I seemed to have the greatest problem getting the drums present enough. I also think there might be too much compression, but I’m not sure. I need to listen to it on a big ol’ stereo turned up to 10.

    Has anyone commented on FB?

  12. I haven’t heard anything…from anyone.

  13. I think I found another podcast that played us:
    The Black Tangkap Black Show
    April 27, 2009
    Just A Girl

    • OK…we lead off the show, it’s out of Singapore and they say some nice stuff about us and the song.
      Apparently I contacted them in Oct. 2008 and they just played us a few weeks ago!

  14. The map thing updated today.
    Whoa. South America exploding. China. More Canada.

  15. That song is remarkably popular (if popular is a word that can be used with reference to our music).

    And by “exploding” do you mean, say, another three or four visits?

  16. Remarkably popular indeed! It’s a great song…there’s probably some kind of percussive flourish that resonates with listeners…

    I think there are several more hits in SA from the last update 3 or 4 weeks ago.

    • choppernewt Says:

      South America has remarkably good taste in music, as evidenced by their unwavering support of Maiden and also LFA.

      • Sur De America (as I remember from collegiate Spanish class) are also big supporters of KISS. They just finished a huge stadium tour down there.

  17. Chopper!

    Is Bruce Dickenson (sp?) still in Iron Maiden? Without him why bother?

    • choppernewt Says:

      Yeah, Bruce is in the house, and even SP had to take a break from complaining about the IM show we went to long enough to give the Air-Raid Siren props for putting on a wall-to-wall energetic and high-note-hitting performance at his advanced age.

      And you’re right, without him I wouldn’t bother either. Their current lineup is actually the same as the one from Piece Of Mind through Seventh Son (!), plus Janick Gers who is the one recent pickup they’ve kept on (and the one guy who sort of paid attention to us when we were on stage with them).

      • Bruce Dickenson facts:
        – He is only 3 feet tall
        – He could fly his own 747 to South America if he wanted…but he’d have to sit on phonebooks to do it
        – He is louder than a normal-sized man

      • choppernewt Says:

        These facts also apply to Sir Pent.

      • I’ll give it up for that one.
        Nicely played Chopper Newt. You win this time…but I’ll be back.

      • choppernewt Says:

        And so, we have foiled Sir Pent and his plotting again. The day is saved. But for how long? FOR HOW LONG?

  18. “And I shall call him… Mini Mal.”

  19. What I want to know is: Chopper Newt are you on board for Dance Theodora?

    And whatever happened to the wav masters you were finishing up of the previous tunes? People want to know.

    You’ve got to think of our fans, man! Think of our poor fans!

  20. Is something going wrong with WordPress? It keeps posting new posts higher up in the string.

    1) I did email ChopSocky today. He said he has ideas for Dance Theodora and will be working on it.

    2) Hi Res Mastered tracks? You can’t rush perfection.

    • I noticed this, too. Seems like a bug.

    • choppernewt Says:

      I think it posts replies under the post they are replying to?

      Most of the tracks you speak of are done. I haven’t done flacs yet, and I haven’t done KFL and SWM. So we’ll get there.

      • No, because I added a general comment, not a reply, and it didn’t place it properly.

        Re: flacs. I thought you had given it up as a project pas possible. Glad to hear it’s still… progressing.

        Re: Theodora, I’m also happy to hear you’ll work on it.

        Where are we with “Outside,” Pent-boy? That’s one song in which I’d like to keep my vocals, if possible (but hell, I’ll even turn that one over to Chops, if he wants to work on it).

  21. I’ve got some super jangly ultra fast punk music working with a new Gator lyric called “Special Boy.” I’d love to share a demo with you guys, but it’s not ready and I’m going to bed. Think bright AC30 tone at 220 bpm.

    • choppernewt Says:

      The faster the better. Nothing makes me smile like punk or metal when the band is playing just a little faster than they really ought to be. I like the feeling that the song is just on the edge of falling apart at any moment. “Aces High” comes to mind. Jangle, that’s good too.

      • I could make it even faster, but my DAWs metronome only goes up to 230. And it’s already so fast I’m pretty sure it can’t be sung. At any rate, I decided when I went to bed last eve that I’m not going to “finish” the song at all–I’m going to leave most of the lead parts up to you except for a brief opening and a whole tone diminished bit during a weird bridge. I’ve got to put some sort of vocal to it before I send, however, because there’s no way you’ll figure it out on your own if you want to try singing it. If I can bring myself to belt it out this evening, I’ll send tonight.

      • In an effort to make this particular thread harder to read, I am responding ABOVE Matt’s response below.
        I will not be able to record DT until probably Saturday. Crossing my fingers that stars align.

      • choppernewt Says:

        I read all these on the dashboard anyway, so I really have no idea what you’re talking about, but I’m sure it’s fascinating.

      • I will not be recording any drum parts this weekend. Just found out that I will be spending the entire weekend out of town. (Leaving Friday night and coming back Sunday night.)
        I will miss my boy…but I will be seeing JERRY LEWIS live!!

      • choppernewt Says:

        LAYDEEEEE oh nize laydeeee?!?

      • Yes. I intend to scream like a little girl if he actually does it!

        New news on weekend as well. I might NOT have to spend the weekend away from home…so recording of DT might just happen.

  22. It’s a way to pass the time.

    Has anyone checked to see if anyone else has listened to this new song, by the way? Where are our legions of fans? I listened to it again this morn on the way to work and I like it more and more.

    I also find that I only need two amp models these days: The Vox AC30 for anything jangly and the Plexi Jump Lead for heavy work. Well, I’d also have to keep the Fender blackface model, too, for really clean stuff. No need for the rest.

    • I’m very annoyed by the fact that new, non-reply posts are for some reason above earlier posts. What the hell is going on?

  23. “Special Boy” … that a song about me, isn’t it?

    • I thought it was about me.

      It’s about all losers.

      Speaking of losers, Sunday I was driving from Yellow Springs, Ohio, when I was passed by a couple of hoods in a red Hyundai. One of them held a sign up on the window as they passed that said “Nobama!” I realized then I still had an Obama bumper magnet on the back of the car. I of course immediately gave them the universal “Loser” symbol on the forehead.

      Conservatives these days!

  24. I would have, but my daughter was in the back seat. Got to provide a good example, you know.

    Speaking of, check your inboxes. And I mean immediately. If you can stay away from your instruments after hearing the new demo, then you’ve got more discipline than I do.

  25. Will listen to new music in truck on way to work this morning.

    • I just remembered you asked for a click track to Outside, which I completely forgot to do. And it’s too late now. I won’t be back to that computer until next Tuesday. Sorry. Maybe you can just count? I’d recommend counting 8/8 time during the “normal” parts, rather than 4/4. I did and it made it easier to transition to the 7/8 parts.

      • This weekend, if time allows, my focus will be on Dance Theodora.
        Then Outside…and just so you know, my drum part will sound nothing like the drum-machine part you concocted.

  26. Re: Outside. Just so long as the drum part is GOOD, I don’t care what you do. It’s true that when I “concoct” a drum part from loops that idea sticks in my head, but I’ve worked to get over my attachment to it and just let the collaboration happen. Especially now that I’ve used the same drum loops in different order over and over I get tired of hearing the same old fills, so I’m hoping you’ll come up with different–and more interesting–stuff. The loops are only useful to give the demo some structure so you can get the idea of what I’m trying to do.

    Re: Special Boy. It is crazy fast. I’m going to have to try the vocals again, especially on the second verse. I absolutely love the guitar tone I achieved on this one. I want an amp with that tone.

  27. Well, now I’m confused.

    As for being away from home, my flight today was canceled, so they put me on the next flight, but them promptly canceled it, too. So now I’m on the 9:30 am flight tomorow. I wouldn’t mind so much except that my wife is getting her 20 week ultrasound tomorrow morn, and now I shall miss it. I was looking forward to seeing what our new little girl is up to in there.

    Did I mention that it’s a girl?

    At any rate, I can now made a click track of Outside.

  28. It’s simple, I have a family thing happening right now and it’s been consuming a lot of my time. I thought, because of the family thing, I would have to spend the weekend in St Charles helping out. Turns out someone else will be there.

    Fuck Intelligibleness

    • Nothing simple about family things.

      What’s really confusing is the ordering of comments in this post. They’ve gotten downright postmodern. I wonder what the hell is going on.

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