Just A Girl on iLike2Rock New Artist podcast

iLike2Rock.net is a great music site for independent bands to post and promote their music. Lizards From Afar joined up a few months ago. Unfortunately it didn’t seem like we could manage much love or attention there…until now.

Just A Girl was given a play on their first ever New Artist podcast. We land the second spot in the show of about 20 overall artists. Once again, we are in very good company with lots of great bands and lots of great music.

Apparently I promised Dr. T lots of sarcasm if he played us. He asks us for the sarcasm in the podcast. I would never be mean to someone who plays our music, especially with someone with such a great radio voice…circa 1982.

Please check out the podcast here:

Check out iLike2Rock here:

Thanks Dr. T!


13 Responses to “Just A Girl on iLike2Rock New Artist podcast”

  1. Maybe a new post will rectify the posting issue…

  2. Boy that song is our most popular one ever, I think. Must be the accordion.

    Good work, Mr. Promoter.

  3. My lyrics touch people in a special place

  4. “I need an adult! I need an adult! Pent is touching my special place!”

  5. I’m not the one that went dirty. That would be Herne.

    • choppernewt Says:

      Oh, that reminds me, did Jerry go with any blue material or was he in Ed Sullivan mode?

      • Jerry did go a little blue.
        – He does a Q&A at the end of the show (where he doesn’t really answer anything) and for most of the women who asked for hugs, he would say he is in Room 723. [It was a running gag and funnier than what I can relate in a post]

        – An older woman came up to the mic and before she could ask a question, Jerry asked how old she was. She said “80”. Jerry replied, “Do you put out?”

      • choppernewt Says:

        Buddy Love in da heez!

      • During the Q&A there was a jackass that got on the mic and started doing a Jerry Lewis impersonation. “Hey La-a-a-dy.” and all kinds of stuff.
        You could tell it just irritated him.

      • choppernewt Says:

        Back in the day, that guy would have spent the aftershow getting beaten up by goons in the alley behind the theater while Jerry did blow off a hooker’s ass.

        I miss the days of classic showbiz.

  6. I think Jerry does too.

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