Lizard Fans in Lizard Gear

Lizards From Afar have the best logo ever designed by man. So good, in fact, that it needed to put in t-shirt form. Our bestest friends and fans had to have one, so we made that happen. We were repaid with awesome pics of the t-shirts in action.


Edit:  Added a new fan pic from Seattle.  Thanks, anonymous Seattle fan!


27 Responses to “Lizard Fans in Lizard Gear”

  1. I don’t understand the Perry picture…but it’s awesome.

  2. Awesome! I particularly dig Gordon wearing our shirt in a Cuttlefish gig.

  3. We’re worldwide.

  4. Now that we’re famous, send me more drum tracks to work with, Pentboy.

    And speaking of gigs, I have my eye on a Fender Princeton 65 amp that I might pick up at the end of the week if it hasn’t sold by then. It’s loud enough to make your ears bleed.

  5. We need more t-shirt wearing fan photos. Aren’t there other people out there who love LFA?

    • choppernewt Says:

      Working on it.

      • Doesn’t sound like you…

      • Weird. I’m logged in to the blog but unless I’m on the dashboard the blog doesn’t recognize I’m logged in. Some sort of bug.

        Speaking of GAS, I’m now in a debate with myself over the acquisition of an early 1990s solid state Princeton Reverb 65 watt, a 1973 all tube Fender Vibro Champ a guy has offered to trade for my tele. The Champ is teeny, rated at 6 watts, but is supposed to be a veritable temple of tone. Of course tube watts are different than solid state for some reason. Still, the Vibro Champ is so small it would be only a recording or practice amp–and for what do I need that since I can use the Toneport for recording? I want an amp that makes the paint peel off the walls when I turn it up to 10. But…. a classic tube amp versus solid state….

      • Sites working fine for me.

        How can you afford an amp? I thought you said that you were broke?

      • That’s true. I am broke, but I’d be doing an even trade here: the black telecaster for the vibro champ. No money involved.

      • Yeah…it’s hard to complain about a free site…but this is crappy.

      • It worked properly that time!

      • Cluster Map update.

      • I’ve been having success by going to the last post and clicking “Reply”.

      • Lots of interesting things happening true believers.
        Stay tuned.

      • choppernewt Says:

        Is it your contention that there’s someone reading this who isn’t in the band?

      • You mean someone who isn’t in the band OR isn’t stalking you?

      • choppernewt Says:

        I know about the in-band stalkers.


      • There are definitely people finding the blog. 18 visits today. Are they reading it? I can’t believe that myself. I’m sure it’s a myth. Just like you guys.

  6. This term kept popping up on the telecaster discussion forum, so I had to look it up. (One can tell I’m not working very hard today, yes?)

    G.A.S. Guitar Acquisition Syndrome

  7. “4. Pretend you are a clarinet player – how many clarinets do you own?”


  8. No money sounds good.

  9. Ah, the weird comment bug has struck again.

  10. I did it as a “Reply” to the ‘That’s true.’ post.
    I will leave this one as a general ‘Leave a Reply’ post and see what happens.

    On another note, I think I may’ve broken…

  11. Amazing. It’s the podcasts that get us the hits. We need to get Block Party on some podcasts. It’s an unrecognized masterpiece.

    re: the Vibro Champ, I chickened out of the trade. It’s a nice sounding little amp, but little is the operative word–good for jamming at home or recording. Since I can get good tones at home with the toneport, I couldn’t see the point of the VC.

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