LFA News … And pictures!

While Sir Pent and I proceed to work on what will probably be some sort of EP release that I have entitled “Copyright Is For Losers” (although that title is contested, I believe), Chopper Newt has been in occultation apparently working on an LFA concept album. I mean, if Green Day can do it, why can’t we? Without a doubt we are cooler than Green Day. Poorer, too. I have no idea what the Newtski is really doing, but he revealed some of new lyrics last eve and I was suitably impressed by their po-mo stream of consciousness style.

Meanwhile, the Newt is going to sing on our next single “Dance Theodora,” since he apparently liked my punk-pop composition. At least two more tunes are in works that I think will see the light of day soon, too.

Also meanwhile, I’ve been saying goodbye (temporarily since I’ll be back next month, and then again probably next year) to New York City. I’m not sure LFA can survive without a presence in Brooklyn, so I’m keeping the address.

Here’s new DUMBO graffito that I found quite appropriate:

lifebackThat’s what I’ve been thinking all month…

Here’s the Manhattan Bridge this morning:

manbridgeDamn nice morning it was, too.

Here’s my favorite Brooklyn Mexican joint:


And here’s the Gecko last eve after a few beers playing his brother-in-law’s classical guitar (I tried to steal this guitar, which sounds really nice, but was caught. Now it has to stay in Brooklyn when I emigrate back to Ohio for the year. Boo.):


A few more…

Here’s the Brooklyn Bridge in the morning sun:


The Brooklyn Naval Yard (What you see from my apartment when you look away from Manhattan. Not quite so awe-inspiring.)


I should mention we have two cats here: the mother is named Navy and the kitten is named Yard. I didn’t pick out the names.

Here’s New Jersey as seen from an airplane where it’s much more impressive:


And finally, some nice irises for a touch of blue:



49 Responses to “LFA News … And pictures!”

  1. The last photo frightens me deeply.

  2. (Flowers frighten me.)

  3. Yeah, that takes some pretty serious issues. If this weren’t my site I wouldn’t even come back here. But I feel some responsibility for it.

    Speaking of the site, I think we need a theme change. I’m getting tired of the color scheme.

  4. You are a dirty birdie, Pent.

  5. And you need to fix the random placement of replies. Sheesh.

    • I don’t know what’s up with that. The blog became postmodern, I guess. Maybe I should move the header to the bottom. And upside down.

      • Also…. who among we Lizards just approved the Russian Spam that I had to erase?

        Pretty much if it’s Russian, we just erase it, right?

  6. Indeed. I regularly erase dozens of Russian spam in our spam filter. Don’t know what those crazy Russians are up to. Well, I do, but anyway…. they seem to be the new Nigerians of the internet scam world. I’ve been getting more and more spam on my gmail, too.

    Too bad the internet became the wild west of the commercial world, I suppose.

  7. The one I saw in the “spam” folder translated to something like:
    good post. Great work!

    • I guess the idea is to get approved for commenting here by sending out innocuous messages that might convince those who aren’t really paying attention–and then the real spam will come in.

      • BTW, I understand, sort of, why the reply system has gone screwify: for some reason the domain name has finally changed. Although Chopper had secured “lizardsfromafar.com” for us a while back, if you typed that in the site always defaulted to “lizardsfromafar.wordpress.com.” Not it defaults to “lizardsfromafar.com” and that seems to have brought in various bugs–at least for me. For example, when I’m on the blog, not the dashboard, the site doesn’t recognize me as logged in, even if I’m logged in! Weird.

        WHY this has happened, of course, I have no idea.

      • choppernewt Says:

        I just had to renew the mapping in the last couple days, but it was presented to me as a renewal, not something any different than we’d had for the last year. Also, the comments were wonky a while before I renewed the service.

      • Well, there goes that hypothesis. Maybe I can still blame the control panel problem on it.

        Had a chance to check the fixed DT drum track? I’m very curious to know if it will work. Haven’t had an opportunity to plug in the guitar for two weeks now. Sigh.

      • Are you talking about Cluster Map or the mapping of http://www.lizardsfromafar.com to this blog-site?

      • choppernewt Says:

        The second thing.

      • I am expecting big things from the next Cluster Map update. We’ve had a lot of visitors over the past few weeks.
        (I hear they’d post something if it weren’t for fear that the Gecko would chastise their grammar.)

      • I only correct your grammar, boyo.

      • My grammar is perfectly good

      • choppernewt Says:

        Well. Your grammar is perfectly well.

      • Thank you for correcting me.

        I have well grammar.

      • Zut alors! Tu parlez tres bon.

        In other news, I’m kicking myself for not checking craigslist early enough today. Some poor sap in financial trouble advertised his Fender pro jr, a beautiful little 15 watt tube amp for a mere $200 (they go new for $460) at 6:00 am. I saw the ad by 8:00 and immediately said I’d take it, but somebody had already taken it.

        So on my way to a haircut, I stopped by Hauer music. Lo and behold, they have the Pro jr on sale for $375 and said they’d give me $150 for my tele as a trade. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’d surrender the black tele for $200–for a tube amp–but not $150.

        Merde alors!

      • Oh spend the $50 cheapy.

      • Na. It’s the principle of the thing. The guitar is worth more than that.

      • Oh, principles. I should get me some of those.


        Hollywood, CA (May 28, 2009) – Steve Vai is set to release his famed Naked Tracks on CD for the first time. Previously only sold on http://www.vai.com and iTunes as downloads only, Vai wanted to give his fans and players of all ages something special – An excellent practice tool for any guitarist. “Through the years, whenever I would mix my records I would usually do a mix of specific songs without the lead guitar. This allowed me to play along with the track or make loops to jam to, and because I figured perhaps someday maybe others would like to do the same,” explains Vai. “Voila! We have arrived at someday!”
        Naked Tracks is housed in a special limited edition digi-pack box set. This series of play-along CDs is designed to help create an atmosphere of focus so you can shred yourself into a personally-induced inspirational nirvana. Included in the set are 5 CD’s featuring backing tracks from the following albums:
        • Passion And Warfare • Sex & Religion • Alien Love Secrets • Fire Garden • The Ultra Zone • Alive In An Ultra World • Real Illusions: Reflections.
        You can download the liner notes, transcripts, tab, lead sheet and scores all available soon at http://www.vai.com/nakedtracks. Here Vai will give the various parameters regarding the key, scale, time signature and more of each track as well as guitar solo transcripts and tabs.
        Steve Vai is one of the most influential guitarists of our time. The Naked Tracks box-set is a testament to his vanguard approach and creative mind-set. This box set is a must-have for the aspiring guitarist, the seasoned guitarist and for all Steve Vai collectors.
        For more information click on http://www.vai.com or call the Guitar Center nearest you and find out your stores date of arrival for the Naked Tracks box-set! For outside of the USA go to your nearest retail store or if you want it NOW download the full version from http://www.vai.com or iTunes.

      • Cluster map update

      • Cool. I wonder who the 9 people were who visited here yesterday.

        BTW, check your inboxes and listen to the new demo. I’m feeling so country these days.

  8. Steve Vai is the super geek of the guitar world. Bless him for it.

    I’d go get this, but I probably couldn’t play any of his lead tracks to save my life, so it would be a waste of time.

    Speaking of time, why the hell am I awake at 4:48 in the morning? Oh, yeah: insomnia.

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