Lizards From Afar on The Night Guy 103 podcast

Here’s an interesting one. Guy David is your run of the mill Renaissance man, he writes, makes music, works, does podcasts…just a ton of stuff. I friended him up several months ago. I stop by his site regularly to see and hear what he’s up to. (You should too.)

This week Guy was asking for suggestions on music to play on his show. The opportunist in me could not pass up the opportunity. I suggested us. And guess what? He played us. Not only that…but LOTS of us on episode 103: Your Avatar Goes To Work.

  1. Poster Child
  2. Giant Robot
  3. 202330
  4. Block Party

I’m going to go over and listen to it now. Here:

Check out The Night Guy anytime here:

Thanks for the play Guy!!
Sir Pent


12 Responses to “Lizards From Afar on The Night Guy 103 podcast”

  1. I’m like a machine!

  2. Also, over at JUST A GIRL got 20 listens this weekend! (Actual real listens…nothing that I did.)

    • Good work, Mr. Machine. Can we change your LFA pseudonym to RoboLizard?

      And just in time: we really needed a new post around here, but until now there was nothing new to write about.

      Maybe this will be inspiration to produce some new LFA songs….

      • I really want to work on Outside, but things have been unusually hectic at the Pent household…and the being barely able to function physically has been a hindrance to recording drums…

  3. Another post is in order. A podcast out of the UK played 202330 today.
    TSM Radio.

    • Yay. As for you, I guess we’ll just have to replace you with a drum machine, man. We’ll name it RoboPent in honor of your contributions.

      In fact, if you send me a sample of each of your drums, I can code RoboPent immediately. he he.

  4. I’ve got something you can sample right here.

    • But you’re the one who sucks, not I.

      Sold my black tele today to a longhaired kid who can do a much better rock riff than I. He didn’t quibble about the price, either. Thanks, longhaired kid. But I’m going to miss that guitar.

  5. We had about 28 visits yesterday. I guess this podcast has listeners.

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