202330 on TSM Radio show MOBRULE #11

OK. This is a little late, I admit. This week is getting away from me a little bit. (What with life and all.) That is no excuse to ignore cool news like this, though. The most kick-assing song from the pen of Gator…202330…has found another spin. Ali, Emma & Paul burn up the podwaves with lots of great tunes. These guys sound like they’re having a great time…and drinking is an important part of their lives. They also admit that 202330 rocks.

Give it a listen here:

Check out TSM Radio and all of the cool shows here:

Thanks guys for giving us a shot!
Sir Pent


35 Responses to “202330 on TSM Radio show MOBRULE #11”

  1. I also updated the podcast listing. Not that I’m complaining…but that page is getting pretty long!!

  2. They say that do they? Do they know that ’twas I who composed the rocking music? I’ll have to listen to it for sure now.

    I do love that song, too. We have to get Special Boy in the works soon, too….

    In other news, now that I’ve sworn off of an amplifier, I have to keep myself off craigslist: I just saw this morn that someone is getting rid of a Fender Hodrod deluxe for a mere $400. Were I a bachelor still, that amp would already be in my room making the walls shake. It’s a really loud amp. Of course, were I still a bachelor, I’d also have a Marshall plexi lead by now, probably.

  3. I think it is one of our best songs. I think it is the one that sounds the most “professionally” produced…maybe because there is so much going on in it.

    If I were a bachelor I would probably have a HUGE porn collection.

  4. Check your inboxes. A totally Gecko LFA B-side of Channeling You is there. It’s pretty good, in my honest opinion. It ain’t punk, but that’s all right. I’m not sure what it is: indie-alt-rock-country?

  5. Holy shitaki! Someone actually came over from myspace!! Wasn’t really sure anyone was still on there except bands trying to add other bands as friends!!

  6. Speaking of myspace, are our 1992 concert videos still up there? Have to go check. I can’t even remember how to log into my myspace page.

    • choppernewt Says:

      Dateline predators.

      Wow, Gecko, Channeling Lou is excellent. Very Dylan and ironically Lou Reed not so much, but a fantastic update. I think it’s quite good as is, but if you want I’ll send you some additional guitar and backing vox to add to the mix, let me know if that’s desired. Also, the mix is very good. I think a real drum track from SP would accentuate the alt-country feel of the track, the drum machine is very well mixed but is a little precise for my taste. Anyway, good show my man.

      It’s like Unforgiven 2, except not shitty!

  7. There was an Unforgiven 2? Gods, why? Unforgiven was a work of genius.

    Damn, Chopper, thanks! I thought CL was pretty good, so I wanted to share. If any of you wants to contribute, I’d of course prefer to have you involved than for it to be a solo project.

    I like the basic percussion idea, but it does need real drums. I originally was going to leave the guitar solos for you, Chops, as well as backing vox. At any rate, you’ll have to live with it the way it is for at least a week. When I’m back in Ohio I can render a flac without percussion, lead guitar, and backing vox and post it for your additions. Perhaps you can let me know what if you want to take on any other parts. I’d recommend leaving on my walking bass line, unless you can think of something better….

    I was surprised at how well my own backing vocals worked, actually, since I can’t really sing. I turned off the lead vocals and to sing the backing vocals so I could pick out the notes without any influence. I think I’m doing thirds, sort of.

    I realized after I’d mixed it that it could use a mandolin. But I don’t have a mandolin.

  8. Yes the videos are still there and 3 Foot has been played 127 times.

  9. choppernewt Says:

    Well, let me blow your mind again. Not only is there an Unforgiven 2, there is an Unforgiven 3 also. Of course, they use roman numerals as you’d expect, but still. And they’re both abysmal.

  10. The third one is especially bad.

  11. Shows how often I watch movies. Or anything. I might as well be on a deserted island for all I know.

  12. choppernewt Says:

    Not movies, songs. Metallica ones. Clint Eastwood has more sense than to do sequels to the excellent “Unforgiven” film, thank goodness.

  13. Shows how often I listen to Metallica.

    How many times can one be Unforgiven? And the first one wasn’t all that great. I thought you were talking about the film, which might be my favorite Western ever.

    Damn, is it humid here in Connecticut. Like a goddamned Monsoon.

  14. There was a second Unforgiven.
    The prostitute from the first had a kid.
    The prostitute was killed and the kid kidnapped.
    Clint and Morgan had to go save the kid.
    Clint and Morgan had to take the kid in…becoming surrogate “grandfathers” for the boy.

    That’s how the movie ends…leaving it open for a third film where the kid seeks vengeance and they have to rescue him again. (That’s just what I was imagining as the credits rolled.)

  15. You’re just making that up.

    • Yeah…but it sounds like something they woule really do, doesn’t it?

      I may change the STEELY DAN FUN FACT (since nobody ever plays with me) and start a new column called MY HOLLYWOOD IDEAS.

  16. Nobody will play that game with you either.

    Are you going to be able to drag your broken down body to the drum kit and record Outside and Special Boy at some point?

  17. I started doing all my chores last night so that I could have the entire day open on Sunday to fit in some recording time.

  18. I tried a couple of times to record it all as one…and was fine with the 4/4 to 7/8. It’s that stupid, crazy 9/4 (??) section that gave me the most trouble. After a couple of tries I gave up and did it in 3 passes.

  19. Well, that’s your problem. It’s in 9/8. It goes from a 7/8 chorus to a single measure in 8/8 to a bridge in 9/8. If you count the whole thing in 8ths it isn’t too complicated. But if it makes you feel any better, I couldn’t quite handle the transition to 9/8 either, so I recorded that section separately.

  20. That information 2 days ago would’ve made life a lot easier. Jerk.

  21. Ha! When I posted the music I provided information on time changes, even noting when the changes happened. If it didn’t take you three months or more to get to recording, you would have remembered.

    Next song I record for you will be in 5/4, boyo.

  22. Still waiting. What is it this time?

    • What? I meant just listen to the music and count the time. I haven’t added your track yet. As I said before, I’m on vacation in Vermont. Will put it in next weekend.

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