New Song: Outside

UPDATE 2 July 2009: New (and better) mix of “Outside” with new (and better) drum track by Sir Pent. Yeah!

What with all the other vagaries of life, we here at LFA haven’t had much time for band stuff, but there are several new tunes working their way down the pipeline. Some months ago I received a lyric from Sir Pent that caught my attention: it was entitlted “Outside.” I won’t go into interpretations of the lyric right now, but it spoke to me, so I decided to compose some music. This was during the height of the Chopper Newt hiatus, so I looked for no collaboration regarding music or vocals from him. As a result, the song is totally my musical composition, recording, and singing. Sir Pent did a nice drum track for it, but then I took it, rearranged, and manipulated it so it would suit my purposes.

Singing the song gave me renewed confidence in my own unique voice. As a result, several of the new songs will feature the Gecko’s vocals.

For the curious, here is a picture of my “workstation” with Outside on the screen:


Check it out on our Reverbnation page:

Or click HERE.


11 Responses to “New Song: Outside”

  1. Of course, my wife burst my bubble by, upon hearing this song, commenting, “So, you just won’t stay behind the lines?”

    No, honey, I won’t.

  2. I still have a different idea for drums that I want to try out.

  3. Go for it. We can release as many variations as we want. How about an acoustic version with bongos next?

  4. Cluster Map update…unfortunately they have done a new topically accurate map which makes viewing and understanding the “little red dots” somewhat difficult.

  5. Looks clear enough to me.

    When are you going to try out the new drum idea? I don’t know why you are unhappy with them as is, but I’m happy to hear your new idea. Don’t you have an electric set? Through headphones you won’t bother anyone else in the house, right? So, I recommend playing sometime after midnight while everyone else is asleep.

    When we move into our new digs, I’m looking forward to setting up my studio in the finished basement (complete with fireplace) and recording music from dusk til dawn. Sleep is for wimps.

    Now I’m off to bed.

  6. Re-recording should happen Tuesday.
    Recording for Special Boy should happen Wednesday.

    (Wife and boy are heading up to the cabin.)

  7. Dude! Pentupboy! You’re going to be on your own and you can only do one song per day? They’re like 3-5 minute songs! Do a drum track for Channeling You, too, and maybe Canceled with your bongo drum. Throw together a quick track for Whoops Democracy while you’re at it.

    This is your chance. Remember: sleep is for wimps.

  8. I’ll be all over all of those. Just keep checking your email every 15 minutes until they are all done.

  9. Will do. (**cough**FUSP**cough**)

  10. A note to anyone other than us that might be reading this blog:
    There really ARE new LFA songs coming.
    – Kung Fu Lover (redux with new drums)
    – Outside
    – Special Boy
    – Channeling You
    – Dance Theodora

    They are all in different stages of production and will hopefully be released soon.

  11. Updated. New version of Outside posted.

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