Poster Child on the D&M Show

I keep trying to find time to play this podcast, but what with…. well, you know, all the shit we all have to do all the time (everyone I know is as busy as he or she can possibly comprehend being)… I just haven’t yet found the time. But the guys at D&M have played “Poster Child,” a tune from Gator’s “Wasted Youth” punk cycle. I just love the tune and it is obviously in good company in this podcast, what with tunes like “Punks Not Dead” (or is it “Dad”?) by the “We are the Dads.”

So, hop on over to their website and give it a listen, dear fans, and let us know if they say anything good about our song. Personally, I’m going to put the podcast on my iPod and listen in the car as I do errands today.

Dynamic Metrosexual

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