Winna Winna, Chicken Dinna

An LFA fan in the land of the Rat Pack.  Luck will follow.


25 Responses to “VEGAS, BABY”

  1. Yeah, we could use some luck. I mean, unless it’s bad luck. It’ll be bad luck, won’t it?

  2. The slot machines are the worst odds in any casino.

    So, who is that?

  3. Isn’t it illegal to take photos inside a casino? Hrm…

  4. Only if someone catches you, I think. Isn’t that how the law works in the USA in general?

    Isn’t this the same woman I saw in another photo wearing an LFA t-shirt? Not that I have any idea who it is.

  5. choppernewt Says:

    Yeah, that’s my one-time production assistant from back in Florida, she’s in the Seattle photo on the other page.

    I don’t know what happened to my avatar picture, I didn’t change anything. Can I not use copyrighted images? Whatevs.

  6. I no comprehend the rules (that’s my daughter’s endearing grammar).

    Only you can figure out your avatar’s business.

    Chopper Newt, you still need a production assistant. You should hire her back.

    I’m jamming later in the week with another guitarist, dudes. Perhaps I’ll form a new band, the Lizards Who Aren’t From So Far, so I don’t have to put up with Newt’s attitude and Pent’s chronic pain. Har har.

  7. choppernewt Says:

    You should call it “Black Baby Congrats”.

    Otherwise, you should call it “Pent’s Chronic Pain”.

    Or “The J.G. Herne Memorial Symphonette”.

    Finally, “Peckertonica”.

    I can go on.

  8. Yes, because all of those suck.

  9. Or we could think of titles for Chopper’s concept album:

    – Arbitrary Timelines

    – Inspiration Strikes

    – Whenever I’m Ready

    – You’ll Get What I Give You

    – Suck It

    – Tonguefucking Bruce Springstein’s Asshole

    • Eww. You always take it just a little too far, Pentboy.

      How about:

      – This Is A When I’m In The Mood Thing For Me

      – I’m Feeling Put Off

      – In A Snit Again

      – Don’t Understand the Deadline Mentality

      – I’m Trying To Be Flip

      I could go on.

  10. Nothing, nothing at all.

  11. Should we do a Gecko album title list?

    • No, but we can do a Sir Pent one:

      – Knife In My Ribs

      – Trying To Breathe

      – Broken Hobbit

      – All In A Snit Again

      – This Is My Pathetic Life

      – Can’t Play In Time

  12. Gecko album titles:

    – Every Song’s An Epic

    – Playin’ Guitar Instead Of Working

    – Do What You Want, I’ll Change It Later

    – Missing Pedal Blues

    – Why Am I So Mad All The Time?

    – If You Don’t Like It, You Don’t Know What’s Good

    • Oh, those are good ones! They are all so damn true. Especially today when I collapsed into nothingness and just composed a heavy metal epic. Which I’ll e-mail a rough demo of later….

  13. Jack White = fruity

    You figure out the transitive equation.

  14. After that track for MY COLLECTION, I wouldn’t say “washed up”…but fruit for sure.

  15. Cluster Map update.
    Bangladesh is in the hizzy fo shnizzy!!

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