Soundcloud player test


10 Responses to “Soundcloud player test”

  1. Should we upload all the tunes to this and see if it will go into a sidebar?

  2. Good thing, I suppose, is that SC doesn’t care much about file size.

    I wonder if we should dump all music files there and put the player up here on the sidebar. Then we could dump RN and only have one source for all that good LFA music.

  3. I don’t remember…does SC track hits and plays?

  4. The player in the sidebar seems a little truncated, however–cutting off the various player controls. I do like that one can organize the SC player into “sets” so we can have discrete “albums” as sets.

  5. Go. Giant robot, go giant robot. Go.

  6. I guess that’s a go, then, with the player?

    Need to upload the rest of the tunes.

    Ah, but the time!

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