LFA On Radio Orphans Podcast 217

Radio Orphans, who have previously been kind enough to play Lizards music on their fine podcast, have graced us with another spin.  They’ve included Dance Theodora as part of their latest cast, number 217.  Please head over to the Radio Orphans site and check it out – quite a long list of cool songs on the show, a perfect way to ease into the new week.


7 Responses to “LFA On Radio Orphans Podcast 217”

  1. Great! This song deserves some air time. Now I’ve got to get Special Boy some play.

  2. Cluster Map update.

  3. You guys need to check out the band HOLES AND HEARTS.
    12 year old kids playing metal.

    • Was rock always so silly that 12 year olds could do it just as well as anybody?

      • I’m not convinced that the 12 year olds aren’t getting a LOT of help…but that is neither here nor there.

        I think we need to cite previous acts such as:
        – the Cowsills
        – Jackson 5
        – Musical Youth
        – Old Skull

        Can anyone think of any more?

  4. No, I can’t. Nor will I, willingly.

    I still haven’t listened to this RO podcast since it doesn’t stream live and I haven’t yet had time to download the whole thing. Do they say anything good about our song?

  5. I haven’t listened to it to be honest.

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