LFA’s Loud New Song, “My Collection”

Lizards continue to evolve with this new track, just finished this week, featuring lyrics by SirPent and music by the Gecko.  Influences on this one seem to be Foo Fighters maybe, Iron Maiden maybe; whatever it is, it’s loud and best played accordingly.  We hope you like it – as always, it’s a free download if you want it on your portable music playing thing of choice.  Listen here.


7 Responses to “LFA’s Loud New Song, “My Collection””

  1. These guys rock! Downloading right now!!!


    What?! WHAT?!

  3. Foo Fighters-IronMaiden-Lizards

  4. Right Said Fred > Barnes and Barnes > Lizards From Afar

  5. Of course, the coolest thing about this song is me screaming “In my collection” in the background. You forgot to mention that, Newtski.

  6. I think the omission was purposeful.

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