Westward, ho!

Amidst the craziness of life, little has happened to the Lizards lately as a virtual band for middle aged rockers with kids and jobs. But Chopper Newt recently shared a new recording with us that revives my faith in the LFA project, and which will certainly form the opening suite of our new project–which I’ve dubbed, for the time being, “Copyright Is For Losers.” Newt’s new song might lead to a change of that idea, but for now we at least have a musical direction for this album. Before this, I was putting together a demo for a slightly deranged pop tune by Sir Pent called “I Hate Everybody.” I agreed with the sentiment, and the demo is good, but it feels slightly formulaic after hearing Newt’s new music. What we’re going to do now is any of our guesses.


3 Responses to “Westward, ho!”

  1. THIS feels slightly formulaic.

    • FUSP

      Thought we needed a new post. If you don’t like it, erase it. What do I care?

      Going back to IHEB, I listened to the demo in the car yesterday and I think I like it. It rocks.

      I only feel that everything I’ve composed recently feels formulaic, in that I’m just applying various simple formulae to come up with the music. Only “Outside” challenged me, musically.

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