the Gecko at Work


18 Responses to “the Gecko at Work”

  1. Yeah. Awesome, eh? The back wall is all books. Well, boxes and books.

    • choppernewt Says:

      Is that a fireplace? I’d kill for a basement fireplace.

      • Indeed. Notice the Roman god above the hearth, too? I think that head is why I wanted this house. Not sure which god it is supposed to be, however. The Romans had a goddess of the hearth (Vesta) but no particular god. Perhaps it is Vulcan.

        Unfortunately, the fireplace flue is totally fucked up, so we’d burn a fire there at our own risk. There are candle sconces inside, though, where I plan to install some big ole medieval style tapers.

  2. On second thought, it could be one of the household Laures.

  3. I do have a new acoustic number coming up, but I’m unhappy with the acoustic guitar tone and I can’t sing it yet since I’m just getting over this nasty virus and my head is full of snot.

    • insert rude comment about Matts’ head being full of snot here.

      • It’s absolutely incredible. I wonder if I’ll ever get well. I’ve been coughing and hacking for weeks. I tried to sing, but since I can’t do that well even in the best of situations, it was a horrid failure.

  4. To commence my days without a salaried job, I listened to some more Flaming Lips today. Damn, these guys really are great.

    I also listened to our song “Dance Theodora” this afternoon, after a long hiatus. I’m glad that song came together, and I’m especially glad I asked Chopper to leave his guitar solo in. Our two solos work remarkably well together. Amazingly well, really.

    • I haven’t listened to the Lips in years. They were always good for eccentric choices.

      I also am a fan of Dance Theodora. Great lyrics there.

      • Yeah, great. But it’s the music that really makes the tune.

        Speaking of your lyrics, I made an attempt to put vocals to your LaRue lyric this afternoon, but failed rather miserably. Haven’t quite got a voice back yet, and already had seriously strained today it speaking very loudly for two and a half hours to class rooms of over 90 students. Oh, well.

  5. So, what’s happening with ye other Lizards these days? Especially Chopper, who has been very quiet lately.

    Me, I’m applying for new jobs. Fun.

    Last night, when unable to sleep, I came up with music for SP’s genius lyric “One Minute.” Rockin.

    Will upload flacs for Johnny Larue when I get a moment. I want to redo one of the guitar tracks so as to leave one of the solo spots for a Newt-solo.

  6. You still need to upload files for I Hate Everybody too.

    So, to clarify songs in the works:
    Channeling You
    I Hate Everybody
    Johnny LaRue
    One Minute
    Westward (the Chopper Suite)

    • I Hate Everybody is, in fact, on the uploader: file name IHEB. Go download and play!

      Channeling You is ready for final mixing, once I get an acceptable drum track from you, SP. It’s a hard song to play, though, I think, and there are so many tracks I’m going to have to mix the vocal tracks separately first. I need more CPU power on this machine.

  7. Channeling You new drum track up on uploader.
    Will download IHEB and record sometime later this week or maybe weekend.

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