We Got Iceland!

I noticed that we finally have a hit from Iceland. By the Scandinavian gods, I hope that person also listened to our music.

LFA was on the podcasters’ radar at one point, but we apparently didn’t seize the opportunity (ha!). Now we seem to be doing nuthin’ much. I recently ordered a new microphone stand to mic my new amp, but I’ve noticed when playing guitar the past few weeks that my inspiration levels have sunk to a new low. Can’t imagine what I’ll record that anyone will care to hear. Not at this point. I don’t even want to hear what I have to play.

But, for some reason I can’t fathom, we had 241 hits just five days ago. 241! That’s a huge number for this blog, and I can’t account for it at all. Perhaps some of those hits got to the music, which is what it’s all about anyway. Whatever LFA is doing now, we have some good new stuff out there.

I’ve considered making the old music available again, but I’m not sure who would want it. Probably we’ll keep it “upon request only.” So if there are any old-time Lizards fans still out there who’d like the old tapes on mp3, send us a message here.

the Gecko


12 Responses to “We Got Iceland!”

  1. I’m really jonesin’ to work on I HATE EVERYBODY. I need a full “day” to devote.

  2. Did you have a bad day with people yesterday?

  3. I’ve just been thinking about that song a lot. It’s funny and has a lot of potential, I think.
    I hate the body I’m in…frequently having darker thoughts about what kind of future I have in store.

    • You need an avatar! (I’ve been reading about the new Jim Cameron film and really want to see it–which is unusual, since I normally don’t care about new films).

      I dig IHEB, too. Wouldn’t mind trying some new vocals on that song. I have mucho problems actually staying in key when singing (or whatever one calls what I do with my voice). I like the tone of my voice just fine, but I need some training, I think.

      In addition to that one, I’d like to work on Johnny Larue and One Minute, both of which rock. Then there’s Chopper’s concept piece that I’d love to finish up, too. I have to talk to him about that one.

      • I really want to see Avatar in IMAX 3D. I hear the movie isn’t all that great but the effects must be experienced in a large 3D environment.

        I have an idea for a vocal that Chopper has agreed to produce and let me sing it in his studio. I just need to record drums and get down there to do it.

        He let me know the other day that I am free to put drums to it…which I didn’t realize was the case.

  4. Are you going to do the hate-filled screams during the chorus? That idea I had was fucking brilliant.

  5. I thought I would use a very effeminate voice, so that I could stay true to your vocals…

  6. You should do a post about CANCELED.
    (I’ve updated the resume page to include the Bugcast play of Special Boy.)

    • Yeah, I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. And now it seems Canceled is already on the i-waves, as Chopper indicates in his new post. Cool.

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