Lizards Cover Cuttlefish’s “Canceled”

I should have already posted about this since we released this tune last week and it’s already on the Dalecast (see post below), but, well, life being what it is….

Rarely have the Lizards covered a song with permission (we were practically famous in the old days for using songs without the permission of their original groovsters), but our friends from the oh-so-unfortunately-now-disbanded punk group Cuttlefish gave us the thumbs up to cover their awesome tune “Canceled.” Hear the original Cuttlefish tunes, including Canceled on their Reverbnation site (now all tunes available for free download).

I originally intended to do a nice acoustic cover to this song, but somehow as I began working out the music I realized it made a good dance tune. LFA have never done a dance-rock tune, so I took the opportunity. I think it turned out great.

Thanks to Choppernewt, too, for an awesome vocal track. Gordon and the rest of the Cuttlefish crew: you guys rock! (Needless to say I love the lyrics and groove to this tune.)

Hear the Lizards From Afar “House Mix” of Canceled HERE. (Freely downloadable, as always.)


9 Responses to “Lizards Cover Cuttlefish’s “Canceled””

  1. Finally…some decent drums on an LFA song!

    • Actually, the drum loops bug me a little–not enough variation. I’d rather you played–if you could play in rock-solid time, of course!

      BTW, two new demos coming soon: blues tune and a vintage “remake”. Only problem is that I want to do vocal demos but now I’ve developed a head cold. Bummer.

  2. If I could too what? Keep time? I’m a veritable walking, talking metronome (even though we used to call you the metrognome).

  3. Something like 186 hits today (forget the exact number): looks like someone or thing tried to hack the site again. I suppose they’re trying to get WordPress, as there’s certainly nothing on this particular blog to attract hackers.

  4. Actually it’s 277…I think some of those hits are accurate. When we’ve had hack attempts in the past, only certain pages were hit. We had activity all over the place.

  5. this reply is WAY late, but here it is..

    I’ve said it before, but your doing Canceled ensures my satisfied demise.. erm.. someday, not today.
    The experience of listening to one of my favorite bands doing something I wrote is akin to what I would imagine reading a book whose main character is based on you. If that seems overstated to you.. fine, but you’re not in my head and I’m telling you: that’s what it feels like.

    It makes me want to try music ghost writing for my next fix.

    The vocals are indignant, resigned, bitter and lamenting, all in the right places.
    The drum loops are fine. (Though, I’m really curious how a real drumkit doing rock 4-time in the hands of Serpentuh would sound)
    The guitar solo raises the hair on the back of my arm and it stays raised until the fadeout.

    I love it.
    Thanks guys.

    • Thanks, Gordon. I loved doing the cover of Canceled, although it in no way matches the original. We could also have used some of Chopper Newt’s mixing skills here. I get the job done, but I’m an amateur.

      I also agree that Chopper’s vocals on this track are cool–as they are on all our tunes. He’s like Neo: he’s got the gift, no doubt, but maybe he’s waiting for his next life. I’m bummed out that he’s chosen to to quit as we really can’t be the Lizards From Afar without his voice, much less without his guitar. I was still hoping that we’d somehow defy reality and do a gig again. But hey, the whole LFA resurrection was more a laugh than anything else, so one can hardly blame him for choosing not to focus on it any longer when there are so many important things to do.

      I did want Pent-up-boy to do the drum track, too, but he’s having trouble enough recording anything at all, so we had to be satisfied with the loops.

      Thanks for the comments on my guitar solo. I listen to it now and want to fix so many things, not to mention to fix the mix so it stands out better. But that first string bend gets me, too. Personally, I like the little noticed overdriven track just under the guitar solo, complementing the continued “clean” part that you composed. When I came up with that I thought “Damn! That works!”

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