New LFA on Dalecast

The very dance-friendly “Canceled”, LFA’s cover of the a Cuttlefish hit, has cropped up on the Dalecast. Dude puts out a podcast DAILY. Insane. But good for you, music-hungry public, as it’s free content for your iThing. Go get it!


4 Responses to “New LFA on Dalecast”

  1. Cool. That was fast. I haven’t even blogged that song here yet. And I have to say again, Chops, I love the vox on this tune. You’re a natural–natural what, I don’t know ;-).

    • I should also admit (if anyone couldn’t figure it out) that ’twas I who released this song on the podsafe music network. Trying to think of other outlets.

      I’ve been meaning to e-mail Stuart Morrison of Insomniaradio directly with Block Party, too, which I think is good for their show. Also want to get on RCRD LBL

  2. I’ve tried them, too. Must need an agent….

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